Monday, September 26, 2016

Glue Factory Hillary

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Back in the day, if you saw an old nag with a big olde green horse blanket on it, with a gimp hip, you just naturally knew that the old girl was being loaded on her last ride to the glue factory.

In the spirit of that, I thought I would submit some questions that the Debate Moderator Mr. Holt would ask Hillary Clinton tonight:

1. Mrs. Clinton, when you die, do you believe that Tim Kaine was really a good choice as your replacement as President?

2. Mrs. Clinton, do you have your will made out?

3. Mrs. Clinton, are you looking for a new physician as your doctor keeps sending out dispatches you are well, when everyone can see you are sick?

4. Mrs. Clinton, did FBI Director James Comey throw your investigation, because no one wanted to see you die in jail in prison orange?

5. Mrs. Clinton, when did you know you were sick, how long did you know you were sick, and when did you initiate your Watergate style coverup concerning your sickness? 

6. Mrs. Clinton, in every breath you take and every move you make, do you think it will be your last?

7. Mrs. Clinton, you have good hours and bad weeks, but do you ever have a good day when you are not falling, fainting, coughing or things flying out of your or off of you which are not medical?

8. Mrs. Clinton, have you discussed resigning your position for the good of the country?

9. Mrs. Clinton, when was the last time you had a "spell".

10. Mrs. Clinton, if you were on an African safari, and your twin was leading the hunt for a man eating lion, would you consider yourself safe in the event of a charge, and you froze, had a fit or fainted?

Those are the questions I would like to hear Moderator Holt ask Hillary Clinton about. Guarantee he would be a star for week.