Monday, September 26, 2016

The Clinton Faces Say It All

This photo appeared as of yesterday in Hillary Clinton wearing a heavy green overcoat and again having problems negotiating stairs.

For the record, it was 70 degrees in the New York asphalt canons which trap heat like a bake oven, so Mrs. Clinton was inside a heated building, coming out to a heat hamarium and she is bundled up like she is going to an oil rig in the North Sea.

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What you need to focus on with the Bobcat gravedigger payloader in the background are the faces of Mrs. Clinton's young staff. You know those looks, because you have had them in having to hold the door for nattering olde Auntie Nellie who trudges down the hall talking to cats which are there and not there, and then it takes her 5 minutes to go down 10 stairs, as your body is screaming in agony from the fatigue.

The looks on these Clinton faces says it all. It says they have no confidence in this woman. They are sickened this is their nominee for President as they know she is not up to the job. It is not that Hillary Clinton is sick. It is Hillary Clinton is OLD BEYOND HER YEARS. This woman is about as spry as a 90 year old home bound geezer.
The faces say it all in the youth in the picture in they are being paid to be around a sick person, and Hillary is sucking life force from them, and they can hardly wait to get the hell away from her, to take a bath and spray themselves down with Lysol, as the look on their faces say, "F*ck I hope I do not catch leprosy off this old hag."

Those faces are from Hillary Clinton's inner circle. They reveal what they see and know, in this woman is precarious and is having about 2 good hours of out a 30 day month. They are thinking she is dying, and hope their association with her at least gets them a better job on the ladder, so they will not have to suck Roger Ahles dick.

When Huma Abedin was cartaking Mrs. Clinton, there was genuine concern for her. Her honest outburst about "why are Obama pseudo emails to Mrs. Clinton not classified" to the FBI shows she has an honest somewhere in her. Her face was one of concern for a sick old woman, but what Hillary Clinton has around her now are "suits and skirts" who are there for the paycheck and position, and you can tell by their faces they are not happy, know this is going to end bad and know that they would be any other place on the planet than around sick old Hillary.

This again is John Podesta's work or failing the Clinton campaign. You NEVER put youthful people near old people, as it makes them look sicker and older, and reminds everyone how sick and old Hillary Clinton is.
.......and for Hillary's sake, what the hell is up with them wearing funeral attire, and her wearing Grannie green in not having sense to wear normal clothes any more which most 80 year olds suffer from.

Podesta might as well put a toe tag on Hillary Clinton as his management is doing that in every outing.

Nuff Said