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Hillary Clinton and that Wet Cough

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There is something in the Hillary Clinton health issue which has not been addressed and it falls to the Lame Cherry to examine the issue as not having high speed internet to watch videos, I had to rely on radio replays today and there was something that I noticed in Hillary Clinton's cough which no physician has mentioned, and that her cough is "wet" and not dry.

Coughs mean things, and when a mammal has a wet cough, it of course means fluids, either in the upper respiratory tract, bronchial tubes or lungs. Fluids are mucous or saliva and how they originated there is important as I inquired last year and it was "allergies" and Mrs. Clinton claims they are allergies, but she has been caught lying about her medical condition previously, so I will not rely on her explanations.

Speaking from personal experience, I do get wet cough in my upper bronchial tubes from allergies, but that does not cause a coughing fit. I have had coughing fits as most people have, in allergies, when something "tickles" the back of my tonsils. Drinking water though alleviates that problem. In Mrs. Clinton's case, she is coughing and it is wet, but not any snot is being expelled nor is the coughing expecting it from her body. In other words, whatever is causing the fluid build up, which her body is using as a defense or defect, and her mind triggers to "cough" in order to preserve her breathing is not being fulfilled.

This is important to understand, because Hillary Clinton's brain is saying, "We got trouble in the air system, so we fix that by coughing the obstruction out of the way to protect life", but the problem is with 4 minute coughing spells, Mrs. Clinton is not clearing her airways in her brains is saying there is danger yet.
What should be normally cleared in no more than 15 seconds of coughing, is not being rectfied.

I desire to touch on one more important reality with aged people as 68 year old Mrs. Clinton is prone to. Whenever people cough, it is a violent reality. Wind from the lungs approaches super speeds in order to clear the airway. Cough hard enough and you will start tearing your tissues and ripping them out. Cough repeated enough and long enough, and people will crack ribs or damage their lungs.

What Mrs. Clinton is enduring is not some "Enough Coverage" as the Washington Post is attempting to cover up in Mockingbird, because a persistent cough is quite serious to anyone, but it is quite dangerous to someone of Mrs. Clinton's age. She literally can crack a rib or tear tissue, and then what does she do the next time in that extreme pain when she can not cough, and her brain starts shutting things down to try to save her respiratory tract from suffocation.

There is only so much stress any body can take,  before other organs begin to be affected, and that includes a heart attack, or God knows with Mrs. Clinton's history of blood clots and her being on blood thinners, that she literally could drown in her own lung blood if something tears loose in a major vein or artery.

Hillary Clinton's upper respiratory tract appears to be where the "wet" sound is originated. I did not catch the name of the guest on Coast to Coast AM, but he had a theory which tied all of Mrs. Clinton's medical conditions together and that is she had a stroke several years ago, and what is taking place in her throat is she is partially paralyzed there, as much as in other motor functions of note, and the Lame Cherry would build upon that in the EPPIGLOTTIS or that small cartilage tissue which covers  the wind pipe so fluids are not allowed to flow into the lungs, has become dysfunctional.  As the Mayo Clinic explains this is serious, life threatening and has different medical causes:

Epiglottitis - Mayo Clinic

Epiglottitis is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the epiglottis — a small cartilage "lid" that covers your windpipe — swells, blocking ...

What the Lame Cherry postulates though is whether it is brain injury, a form of Parkisons which is not the actual disease, medications or is actually one of the side effects of the stroke, Mrs. Clinton's epiglottis is not functioning and her spit or saliva is leaking into her bronchial tubes.

This would fit the wet cough. It would explain why her brain is telling her she is drowning in her own saliva and will not stop coughing to protect the respiratory tract. It is a matter of the saliva is being coughed out, but is running back into the windpipe, because Mrs. Clinton's epiglottis is not closing.
Drinking water actually compounds the problem by magnifying it, because it is introducing a flood of new water into her already overburdened system which can not deal with the spit already there.

I do not believe Mrs. Clinton's epiglottis is inflamed as the Mayo Clinic notes in the disease, but it is a conclusion that a stroke affected it's ability or perhaps it could be linked to her tongue cancer in perhaps Mrs. Clinton has a growth on her epiglottis which requires a major surgery to rectify, and if cancerous she will require immediate treatment.

In all honesty, this is the best diagnosis for Mrs. Clinton which has surfaced concerning her cough. What is causing her needing to be propped up, put into wheelchairs, her falling down, the operation on her tongue are completely different issues which must also be examined. At this juncture though Mrs. Clinton's wet cough appears to be some injury, tumor or paralysis of her epiglottis which requires immediate examination as her heart can not endure this type of stress for prolonged periods, and her body will eventually tear tissue with her blood clot issues in blood thinners or she will break a rib or several ribs in coughing, and then there will be real problems in a choking old woman, in severe pain and not able to cough to appease her brain's distress signals to keep her from drowning in her own fluids.

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The look of her medic says it all. Hillary Clinton is not going to be a long paycheck for Dr. Strangeload.

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