Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Donald Trump's Good Weeks

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember after the Hillary Rodham Clinton convention, how all the polls were out to sabotage Mr. Trump in stating that he was down 5 to 16 points and how everything was going down the tubes, and the ninnies were all in a panic?

Do you remember yesterday how a CNN poll now has Mr. Trump up 2 points, in a 18 plus point turn around of just a few weeks?

What is of interest in this is a fact which no one has mentioned, but I noted in passing and TL reminded me again today to post this as the reason, and the reason Donald Trump started having problems is the day that Corey Lewandowski was sabotaged by Paul Manafort and got the Trump children to stick in the knife and the day that Donald Trump's fortunes changed was the day that the Son in Law administered the coup de grace to Paul Manafort, the GOP genius insider...............

Yes, just as soon as Paul Manafort was gone, and Donald Trump went back to being Donald Trump, instead of a teleprompter puppet of Manafort, Donald Trump started shooting up in the polls again.

This has to be noted as Manafort was part of vote fraud in Indiana to get Mike Pence, another insider on the ticket. Manafort almost blew the RNC convention in a delegate disaster, and then the IED Ted Cruz suicide bomber speech........yes Manafort was a complete disaster, and when Donald Trump got Manafort foisted upon him, all things started going flat line, and once Manafort was removed, Donald Trump started rocketing to the moon again.

Manafort is a hired gun. From evidence, he was either incompetent or sabotaging the Trump Campaign, or spending too much time trying to destroy Corey Lewandowski. In any event, Sean Homo Hannity can keep jabbering about, "Well Donald Trump stopped picking fights with people who do not matter" as the reason Mr. Trump is rising in the polls, or it is the reality no one has mentioned in that Donald Trump rid himself of his dead weight in Paul Manafort and with that 200 pound fat cell exorcised, it was once again Super Man Donald Trump, as Manafort was the Kryptonite factor, like most of these frauds in the GOPliters who Mr. Trump has repeatedly held his hand out to, and then had his hand bitten off.

Mr. Trump, the next American President is now rolling up weeks of good momentum, and is crushing Mrs. Clinton, who has gone flatline on stage and is going DOA in the polls. I have always believed by the Clinton campaign's actions in the way they went bonkers over Blacks, gays and Women, was the fact that Donald Trump was surging in those voting blocks too and Hillary was desperate in trying to stop the blood loss.

That is why Mrs. Clinton jetted to Cleveland on her new jet with reporters to have her dual coughing spasm. She was there because Donald Trump is winning the key DEMOCRATIC Ohio counties. That is the reality in this, even with John Kasich being a royal ass in all of this as Governor of Ohio. The signals are there that Mrs. Clinton is in serious trouble as her "GOP outreach" has gone nowhere, while Mr. Trump is surging in Democratic polls.

Mr. Trump has always been in the lead, but when Paul Manafort was allowed to remove himself from the campaign, that is when the Trump momentum began picking up again. It has now reached the real critical period in politics of Labor Day weekend in coming off of that, and Donald Trump has momentum in the polls in being Presidential on all issues, giving one spectacular policy speech after is even generating to Mike Pence getting cheering crowds now in Missouri. While in the bizarro Hamrod universe, Mrs. Clinton is spending money like a crack whore again trying to look like Donald Trump on an expensive Boeing airliner, she draws no one to her rallies, she is crippled by Emailgate as this is not going away,  and now the entire issue of Hillary Clinton's health, in her disappearing for days at a time, falling down in public, needing to be propped up, and having coughing fits, are causing Americans who do not like this woman to literally start wincing in not wanting to be around her as she acts like she has the plague.

That is not the place to be in, losing ground to Donald Trump in the liberal biased polls, viewed as someone above the law in being an international criminal, callous to the needs of Americans as she rides around in a new Boeing, and acting like she is coughing up a lung every few days in public.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.