Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Last or Lost Hours


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I am so popular with Homeland Security now, and there is no appreciation from the wealthy in donations for the work of this blog, as they view me as so much old tampons to use and dispose of, I am hesitant about this, as I did a quick  read on Hamrod this afternoon after more information surfaced from ABC New York that she had gone tits up.

In inquiry, I am piecing together more of what took place on 9 11, because the Truth always lies in the fringes of stories and being astute enough to look. I hesitate for a number of reasons as I am not up to proving another June 13, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord event which might be covered up again with no body.

Here is what inquiry points to, as I first questioned why the Secret Service violated all protocols when Mrs. Clinton collapsed in taking her to Chelsea's apartment, instead of the hospital. The new information is a medical care facility is in the building. Inquiry states she never arrived there. She never did go to Chelsea's apartment and the Secret Service followed protocols, and that is why there was that missing 90 minutes.

I will just lay out what the matrix stated.

Hamrod upon collapsing and being dragged into the van, stopped breathing. Her heart was beating, but she had a tube placed down her trachea, and she was transported to hospital.

For ABC New York to report that Mrs. Clinton died could be a sympathy factor, but it also could be sources reporting locally that she indeed was non responsive, because she was.

Inquiry states she is on life support in the hospital.

Hillary Clinton's full Anderson Cooper phone interview - CNN Video

3 days ago
Hillary Clinton spoke with CNN's Anderson Cooper about having pneumonia and why she didn't disclose ...

Inquiry states that this was not Hillary Clinton in this phone interview. If you listen closely, it sounds like a computer generated facsimile. It is why it was a phone interview.

The back channels apparently are picking up signals from the above events, and that is what his leaking out in death reports and preparations to replace her.

I suspect the headline will be repeated "Donald Trump killed her."

The fringe media has pretty much proven that Mrs. Clinton had a body double and that is who appeared in front of Chelsea's apartment.
Hamrod is not brain dead, but her condition has deteriorated and she is being assisted in breathing. Inquiry keeps pointing to further brain damage from this event. When she was given 2 days to recover, it was not factored in that the situation would be what it is now.

We shall see what the circus produces tomorrow as Hamrod is supposed to rise and be on the campaign trail............and Biden, Bill, Tim and Joe were all pounding it hard today, acting like Mrs. C will not return.

Tomorrow will reveal on Ellen what appears at that scheduled event.

Hillary Clinton Visits 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Sept. 14 ...

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton makes her return to 'The Ellen DeGeneres' show on Sept 14. ... Hillary Clinton Visits 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Sept. 14

 September 14, 2016

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Television Hillary Clinton
September 14, 2016 Las Vegas, Nevada Rally Bill Clinton
September 14, 2016 Raleigh, North Carolina Organizing Event Chelsea Clinton
September 14, 2016 Carrboro, North Carolina Voter Registration Event Chelsea Clinton
September 14, 2016 Roanoke, Virginia Organizing Event Chelsea Clinton
September 14, 2016 Washington, DC Fundraiser Senator Debbie Stabenow

The Truth is always somewhere in the middle of the rumors.