Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Twitter Mystery


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am puzzled concerning the Homeland interview, and have decided to make this public, because it did not make a great deal of sense, and makes less at this point.

I am going to try and explain things, because some people have thought they have caused a problem, but it was not them. I will repeat what what DHS said in certain words send up red flags, and if you are posting things to government walls, then you can expect a visit from Homeland Security.

I was taken aback at the news of DHS visiting you. I can only imagine the dismay you felt. When I read your account that someone posting to a twitter account I thought it was because of me. I post your blogs unedited with no comments from me. If this has caused you problems I'm truly am sorry and will refrain from further reposting. Just thought I was doing a small part in trying to educate others around me. I always find your blogs insightful in what is happening around the world. Not having much in $$$ I hope you can buy yourselves a little meal on me. Peace and Blessings, May the Father of Light and Mercy shine His Light of Protection upon you and keep you safe.

The "name" which Homeland mentioned at the start of this interview was a Twitter handle. They thought this person was TL which it was not, as we are not on Twitter. I assumed who it was, but will not name them here as they do not need an internet mob tracking them down, and an email showed up from them stating that they had not posted to the FBI which Homeland defined as the reason this all started.

Hi LC,

I am concerned about homeland security showing up…I did post your post on twitter but never post to FBI page! I occasionally send things to secret service but not your posts…you know I report the death threats regarding Trump to them.   I did not get notices of a retweet or like to that tweet.  I will be very careful none the less…let me know if you’d like me to stop posting your items to twitter.

This person is honest. So if they did not post on Twitter, then the question is who under this name posted as DHS certainly had this individuals ISP from Twitter, as they had my ISP from Blogger, which again is a mystery in two different ISP's from different regions, so there should never have been a mix up in thinking we were this other person.

It is the mystery of many things involved in this, but I was moved to post again the Homeland instructions to not post to government sites, or you will expect them to appear.

Now whether someone hacked into the Twitter account to smear the Twitter user or what entirely was involved in this, is something which I hope is going to be case closed, as all I do is try to post information to preserve life and keep the peace.

At this point, having been interviewed and am now a higher level of contact with attractive DHS officers, it will be those leaving their ISP addresses who will be getting the visits from this point on.

It is a reality that if you are home safe in bed at 10 PM, you can not get into trouble at the local bar. It is the same with the internet in not making trouble for yourselves or others. I have a suspicion in this that the blog is generating too much traffic and this was generated as notice.

I return to the reality in all of this as I have always stated. TL and I get the funds to get some land, and I go back to Bible stuff, science stuff and the world can do it's thing with Donald Trump as President while I go fishing.

Thank you to the poor people who have been kind through this. I am still waiting for a host of wealthy people to find the latch on their wallets which is buried under 5 feet of dust, as they never open their credit cards........unless of course it is for something of absolute necessity in a 1000 dollar shampoo and fluff for Ms. Poodle.