Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton


Trump Wins TIME Poll 58% - 42%
Trump Wins CNBC Poll 61% - 39%
Trump Wins Drudge Poll 80% - 20%
Trump Sweeps Entire Fortune 5 Part Debate Poll
Trump Takes Slate.com Poll 54% - 45%
Trump Tops Las Vegas Sun Poll 81% - 19%
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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As no on is going to explain to you why Hillary Clinton lost the debate, it will once again be the Lame Cherry to keep all of you children from suffering from anxiety in thinking just because she was not convulsing on the floor in what you wanted, that Hillary Clinton did good, when the fact is she self destructed and exposed herself as incapable of playing in the big leagues with Donald Trump. 

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For the first time, I am going to give you some insights to the Trump Campaign, now that Mr. Trump trounced Hillary Clinton so decisively. I feel also at the moment, chided and humbled by Mr. Trump, because he was right and my posting about putting 12 of the women Bill Clinton raped and Hillary Clinton assaulted, would have obliterated her.

That is the first thing each of you must now join me with in being chided and humbled by your soon to be President, as I listened to numerous people as Laura Ingraham stating that Mr. Trump could have attacked better and others stated he was on the defensive at times.

Listen to what the Holy Ghost offered to me this morning in what would have happened if Hillary Clinton collapsed? What would have happened if the presenting of the women the Clinton's had raped had taken place? What if Donald Trump had not held back and obliterated Hillary Clinton?
For those shortsighted in saying they wanted that mopping of the floor, think of what today would bring in the DNC would be moving to replace Hillary Clinton. You are thinking that is great, but what happens when the entire campaign shifts and the excitement of it drives up Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, and this becomes not a Trump landslide, but a contest?
Do you want this easy against Hillary or hard so the liberals can steal another elecion from America?

Obviously it is better to have the rail grasping sick old Hillary who every one hates. Mr. Trump was absolutely correct in not going for the knock out.

In other areas, Hillary Clinton had numbers, which really appeal to those skilled in debates. That clutter means absolutely nothing to the average primate. Think of it  this way, in David Brooks looks at a lion stalking a gazelle in all the intricacies of correct move, using cover and stalking beautifully which is a Hillary debate point, but the rest of the gazelles are noting that Donald Trump is the lion with one bound being king of the jungle in getting the gazelle.

See there were things going on last night in code which all of you missed. Odd statements, it seemed, until you knew what Donald Trump knew, as Hillary Clinton was attempting to set him up as this blog warned all of you of.

When Mr. Trump said he wanted Hillary happy, very happy. That made Hillary Clinton pause, but if you remember what this blog warned of the Clinton playbook in Hillary Clinton was going to break down and cry to bully Donald......as she kept linking him to with her contact lense teleprompter was directing her to recite......it now makes more sense why Donald Trump hemmed Mrs. Clinton in. He told the world he wanted her happy, and if she cried after that, it would have all blown up in Hamrod's face.

I posted here that Hamrod had a mission to piss Donald Trump off. That is what she was needling him about all night, like a bitchy wife. The things Bill Clinton went nuts over and so do all men with shrews like that. I am going to tell you something now in the treachery of Hillary Clinton and what a brain dead moron she was, as she parried around most of the night on one point in standing there like Jeb Bush to deliver her the line.......and Mr. Trump knew what she was doing and never went into this lame trap.

It was the point when Mrs. Clinton was jabbing smears again, and then attacked Donald Trump on his honesty and how he treated people who worked for him. It was at that moment that Hamrod threw up the hanging ball, in mentioning someone who worked for Donald Trump in the audience.
Hamrod expected due to her psychological profiling that Donald Trump at that moment would have brought up the women that Bill Clinton raped and Hillary Clinton assaulted, but Mr. Trump in one move let it fly by for a ball, and everything Hillary Clinton had worked for disappeared.........as she would have then cried about how hurtful it all was and how much of a bully he was.

Yes Hillary Clinton, the most devious manipulator in the room, and this asstard met Donald Trump who already knew what she was up to and left Mrs. Clinton empty.

Those are the things you missed, and why Mr. Trump in closing stated what a horrid woman Hillary Clinton is, and how he could have used the information against the Clinton family but chose not to, as he is a gentleman.

What this is about is Hillary Clinton losing the debate. She lost and she lost on every point, because if you go back and review her reactions, most of that debate she was scared. Everyone was so jittery worrying about Mr. Trump, in they missed how absolutely sick with fear this woman was. She was cheating, was setting up Donald Trump on a gambit so she could have her Rosie O'Donnell moment and then cry to sway the audience, but in the end Donald Trump fulfilled his goal in looking like a President, sounding like a President, to all the people who were studying him for the first time. That was the audience in the debate and Donald Trump was speaking to them as agreeing with Mrs. Clinton on no fly lists and then defending himself, against a woman that every person listening has had experience with in the bitchy wife nagging on some guys balls. Hillary Clinton had one objective that night and that was to be "liked" by the voters, and her gambit was to not use charm which she does not have, but to try and make Donald Trump look like a wife beater.
Hillary Clinton in that debate literally dialed 9 11, the police of the audience was on the way. She then tried everything to get under this man's skin, and when she saw the cops pulling up, she broke his remote by stomping on it and then threw a plate at him..........but when the cops of America opened the door, there was Donald Trump telling Americans, "Welcome and this is the horrid person I am stuck with in this race".

.........and the American people responded overwhelmingly that they do not want to be stuck with this woman, that is what winning looks like for Donald Trump and losing is for Hillary Clinton.

Standing on stage and proving that you will not pass out or hack up a lung is not winning. If you missed it too, the old gal cleared her throat early, as another one of her hanging balls to Donald Trump which he never just let pass as a ball. So for those who were thinking Donald Trump could have accomplished more, Donald Trump just pulled in every undecided voter and as of today her entire spin machine has failed from the likes of cunt lips John Hawkins at Right Wing News which is pro cuck. He gave both a D and an F, because that is what his oligarch masters like all of the Clinton trolls have written for them. The fact is Donald Trump swept this battlefield and Hillary Clinton was not prepared and was not adept enough to think on her feet, even with augmented cheating to figure out what Mr. Trump had just accomplished.
It is this type of Obamaness in liberals thinking they are the smartest people in the world which has Vladimir Putin running circles around them. Donald Trump ran circles around Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, providing you the insights of what Donald Trump accomplished to add to his mystique in what this gentleman is capable of. Hillary Clinton tried to trigger Mr. Trump emotionally.....degrading him by calling him Donald as Ted Cruz did, and Mr. Trump would not be baited, as he has the temprament to deal with devious and coniving people like Hillary Clinton.

Now that you understand a bit more of what happened in the Trump victory over sick old Hillary Clinton, you can calm down again, and know that Mr. Trump knows what he is doing in allowing Hillary Clinton defeat herself.

Think of it in Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Sid Blumenthal, John Podesta etc... thee most mindfucked group of manipulators on the planet who destroyed HW Bush, Bob Dole. John McCain and Mitt Romney, who are as psyops manipulative as they come, plotted for months and rehearsed Hillary Clinton for the coup de grace, and when the time came, Donald Trump saw through it and took home the victory of the loyalty of the hearts and minds of the American public.