Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Blenn Geck Theater


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I realize that most of you had missed the Glenn Beck theater which was staged Ted Cruz crucifixion, but I was moved to warn you children not to be sucked into this, as this was all designed to trigger emotions in you, to rehabiliate these two frauds or whores owned by the oligarchs.

For those who missed it, it was Glenn Beck down from the mount, with fire, brimstone and Mormon Commandment beating on the helpless girl, Ted Cruz, who took it all, with that Ted Cruz nasalness which reminds one of bad born in a girl trying to breathe with cock down her throat.

This taken place, we then moved onto, Glenn Beck for a girl talk on the couch. You have seen this in all those penis grower pills, where the porn girls all gather afterwards and critique penis length. That is what fembot Glenn Beck assembled in the cheerleaders who after humiliating the Mexican girl, all sit around and rag on her being not like them, and how brilliant they are at being Mormon virgins.

It was a really racist thing by Blenn Geck, where he told his non satisfying Tedwardo Cruz, that he should have backed Marco Rubio, as there was a gay male who really could have put the hose work to Hamrod Clinton and make her bark like a dog, as the Mexican beans were jumping to La Cucaracia.

Seriously, Beck actually told brown skin Cruz, he was not tan enough, ........well it was on the pillow puss couch afterwards, but everyone nodded in agreement that sweatfest Rubio could make the oldie do more than turn her head and cough.

So just do not get sucked into this if you liked Cruz getting cuckold by Beck, because remember what Beck is a Hillary supporter just a few short moons ago. This is all about that same Pegs Noonan and Ann Coulter thing, throwing down and trying to make you forget what a bunch of traitors they are.

The good part is, most of you did not witness this theater, and more of you do not care. But for the politically raped Cruz voters who cared, I am just warning you to not get drawn into this drama of Glenn and Ted, as it was all discussed before it happened, to make you all get wound up and wounded again, to make you troll your dollars to them.

That is about it. Let us all just move on together and unite to the few things which we do agree on in we hate Mormons and men who have to receive Amanda Carpenter as payment to betray their country.....or I guess America as Ted Cruz is Canadian.

Nuff Said


This is so good you Cruz boogs should donate twice as penance for railing against me like Jesus in the Sanhedrin when I told you Judas IsTEdariot was leading you all astray.