Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Huma Abedin For President

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry arises again to the occasion in always desiring to help and assist any way that a popular girl can over this sick old Hillary Clinton fiasco the Democrats are stuck with.

Face it, the Democrats made a huge klusterfuck of this, and they are parading around one eye brow Tim Kaine or Betrayer Bernie and Poco Warren, but I say let's shake this up and for a real candidate, thee only candidate who is qualified to be the Democratic nominee.

First let's look at the qualifications.

First, let us face the fact that Hillary Clinton has basically been dead since 2012 when she had that brain attack. She has either been sleeping or fainting, and you know who was minding the store all this time in Huma Abedin Wiener.

It was Huma who was Secretary of State and everything else, including being nurse maid to olde Hillary. With those kinds of qualifications, she should have been the nominee from day one.

Second, let us face the fact that with Anthony perving on teenage girls, Huma has had a lot to deal with, including Hillary perving on her. She can handle the stress and not go into convulsions or brain freezes. She is cancer free and she is not she is heads above the sod than Hillary Clinton.

Third, Huma is honest. She is the only one in the FBI mock investigation who did not take the 5th or lie to the FBI. The woman has done nothing wrong. In fact, it was Huma who exclaimed, "Why is not Obama's fake name emails to Hillary classified!!!!"

Fourth, she is more American than Obama, in she was born in Michigan to foreigners or something. Granted their nutso Muslims, but all the same we at least know who Huma's Sharia Law parents are. With Obama being adopted and all he lies about, and his being a commie, we simply are a thousands steps ahead than Obama with Huma.

Fifth, Huma is easy on the eyes. She has a nice voice, and being a grass divorcee it will be exciting to see her suitors on date night at the White House.

Sixth, Huma is not Hillary Clinton, in Huma is a woman.

So I say, let's all support the DNC in getting some people in white jackets to haul Hillary out to Grey Lawns Retirement Home. Let's takes some of those Clinton Foundation billions and build Hillary a fake White House, so she thinks she is President.
As for Marine One and Air Force One, just give a tranquilizer and tell her she is going places and she would fall for a limo ride and her 737 as the real thing.

It will all work out, because Bill could advise Huma on things, and Tim Kaine is not so terrifying if he is not going to be President.

Anthony Weiner (l.) sexted a 15-year-old high school girl for months.

I was moved to all of this, because the fact is Hillary Clinton has fallen apart exactly when Huma disappeared with her divorce. That is proof that Hillary Clinton is nothing without Huma Abedin and Huma has been the whole show all these years.
Also the fact is, I just do not like people piling up on poor Huma now  that Hillary is going tits up, and Anthony is getting served. There should be chivalry in this, as Huma Abedin is not really a threat to anything more than she ever has been. She seems to be the reasonable one in the room and for that she deserves someone to stick up for her, as Hillary dumped her to the side of the road to save herself. That really sucks in John Podesta ostracized the poor woman after all she did to carry Hillary this far.

So let us all support the DNC in yanking Hilary and putting a real Obama in office, who is more moderate, more woman, and more intelligent than Obama, Biden, Clinton and Kaine combined.

Democrats do not have to settle. They can have Hillary Clinton, a woman and the real candidate in the race, as it has been Huma all along. Huma does not need to cheat, she does not lie, she does not wear earwigs, does not need her own platoon of emergency responders, does not contaminate the world with coughing at them, does not wear super contact lenses, and does not bark like a least in public.

The real Hillary Clinton has been before us all along and it is time that Huma Abedin was placed by the DNC as the Democratic Nominee in 2016, a place she has earned and rightfully belongs.

Huma Father and Sharia Law...