Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Islam Diaspora

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is at this time each you gets to prove how brilliant you are and how much you do not need me. You have three links, with the headline stories. You will read them, and then tell me what it means.

FBI: Looming terrorist diaspora 'unlike anything ever seen'...

DHS worried about attacks on concerts, sporting events...

Missing Afghan military students raise fears...

What do they mean?

No I do not mean terrorism, but break this down in what you are being conditioned to believe and expect.

Diaspora. That is a very Jewish sounding word from US News, and it is coming from FBI Director James Comey warning the world that military success against ISIS will send it like rats off a ship throughout the you are being warned to have more terror threats in being successful against terrorists.

My friends at Homeland Security are now certain that concerts and sporting events are the new death trap, according to the South Korean CIA's media in America of the Washington Times.

And the Free Beacon has more missing Afghan terrorists from the Afghan military which were allowed into America.

So I will conclude you do not feel safe as that is the intention of this information which is being leaked from intelligence and security agencies. Why the leaks?

Come on now you very rich people who never donate and hide behind your patriot keyboards and steal the stuff God Inspires here.......tell yourself in this catspaw game the answer so you do not become a statistic.

Question, I will answer this one. Is it in the interest of the cartel and regime to allow massive terrorist events in America, of French type mutton creation? The answer is no, because while 9 11 planes are something which will not trigger gun owners from taking control in activating them in their own security, it would be counterproductive to have the mob armed and starting to learn to assert itself in protection and for what it wants in end result.
One must understand it is acceptable to burn and loot Walmart by the Afroid mob, as no one cares what the monkeys do in the zoo. When though the terror events begin occurring in areas where the armed majority will start taking hits, that is not in the cartel or regime interest.

There is a difference in Obama voters go to concerts, hang out at malls and clubs in no gun zones. Americans though enter no gun zones as stadiums with numerous armed security and numbers of those fans have firearms locked in their vehicles. That is not the odds the cartel desires for a message of herding the sheep by terror actions.

I will submit this as a Trump White Paper Note as I have been thinking about this, but the answer to all of this terror in America, is for the County Sheriff to arm with a Trump Administration an ARM CIVILIAN AUXILIARY. Call this ACA for short.
It should be the policy that in every county, that 1/10th of the population is armed and acquainted with the local police, so they recognize each other. There should be no training at all in this, but the concealed carry which would have the ACA badge which could be worn.

Think of this as in 1 out of 10 people you meet would have a handgun for your defense which is known to the Police. Those types of numbers in any mall or city, would leave criminals or terrorists with a deterrent in knowing the enemy would be met with force as in any concentration area, there would be a dozen armed people, not costing the taxpayer a dime to provide free security.

That now is the solution to the rat infested terrorism America faces. Europe should make the same activity legal. So that is two now in question I have answered for you and you did not have to come up with a legitimate solution.

Now back to your genius, in what do the above headlines intend? You already know that it is not in the interest of the cartel or regime to activate the mutton with holsters in teaching them to be Citizens policing themselves, so what does the above tell you?

It should tell you that more targeted events are going to be allowed to initiate, in order to keep the draconian laws in place, so Congress will fund a police state to intimidate free peoples with a police state protecting conglomerates and allowing terror events to take place as it is good for expanding the agencies and their power.

To return now to the ACA, it is a promise that when Donald Trump would protect such a Citizen force, coordinate it with local law enforcement and inform the Cuomo leftist that if these Americans are harassed or prosecuted, that the full weight of the Federal will come to protect the Citizen, pardon that Citizen and prosecute those who are prosecuting Citizens.
Once that is established, it would require no more than 3 events, championed by Mockingbird media, showing armed Citizens stopping terrorists, to stop the diaspora of Islam. That is the reality.

Yes the Lame Cherry could solve terrorism in America with the few hundred thousands for ACA badges and Mockingbird talking points to the media.

I will though allow you to ponder why a Jewish based word is being used to term terror Islam. That part is interesting as an exercise and I will assume you will get it wrong,  as you keep listening to the Mockingbird of your heroes and believing them.

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