Thursday, September 29, 2016

In New Jersey Train Wrecks: One Lump or Two

 'It simply did not stop'...
'Went airborne'...
'Terminal was brake'...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The wreck of the New Jersey Transit passenger train is like pulling the string on a talking Barbie doll as authorities rush to putting out press releases that this was not "a terror event" and it was the engineer's fault, in the same explanation which one receives for every jet that goes down.

Preliminary reports suggest the crash was an accident or caused by operator error, according to five law enforcement officials, though they stress it is early in the investigation

In all trains, are people in control. Some systems have conductors off the train managing them from a terminal, but in New Jersey they are the diesel locomotive or locomotives, pulling or pushing cars, with at least an engineer in the locomotive and a conductor managing the passengers or cargo.

By the information posted below, we can discern that this line only runs 31 miles and makes 21 stops to pick up passengers. On average the train stops every 1 to 2 miles, so it is not a fast moving train, as it requires time and distance to pick up "speed" and with too much speed one could never manage a cost effect train as that much braking would wear out the train or break it's carriage.

This explains why the train did not derail, or explode through the Hoboken terminal as a heavy freight train would. It was more akin to a glacier moving than a 9 11 jet into the Twin Towers.

New Jersey Transit is an expansive transit system. The Hoboken Division has four main lines in this mass passenger transit route.

Hoboken Division

Lines Terminals
Main Line Hoboken Terminal Suffern (Port Jervis Line continues to Port Jervis)
Bergen County Line
Pascack Valley Line Spring Valley
Meadowlands Rail Line Meadowlands

In fact, the Pasack Valley line had an increased spike in passenger traffic since 2012 in the fastest growing line in the system.

Hudson River
0.0 Hoboken Terminal

Hoboken Yard

Bergen Tunnels

Morris & Essex Lines diverge

Secaucus JunctionNortheast Corridor

NJ Turnpike E Spur

Main Line diverges
Hackensack River via HX Draw

NJ Turnpike W Spur

NJ Route 3

Bergen County Line diverges


Meadowlands Rail Line diverges
9.6 Wood-Ridge

Hasbrouck Heights
11.2 Teterboro

U.S. 46

Interstate 80
12.4 Essex StreetHackensack

NYS&W mainline

Center Street
13.5 Anderson StreetHackensack

Fairmount Avenue

NJ Route 4
14.7 New Bridge Landing
16.4 River Edge

New Milford
17.8 Oradell
19.3 Emerson
20.5 Westwood
21.4 Hillsdale

Hillsdale Manor
22.7 Woodcliff Lake
23.6 Park Ridge
24.2 Montvale

New Jersey
New York
25.4 Pearl River
27.9 Nanuet

New York State Thruway
30.6 Spring Valley
31.2 Woodbine Yard

Now for what most of you come to this site for to steal from me, as you preen in front of your mirrors reciting, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is holier than the god of all"......and of course you answer yourself, instead of rescuing your bubble investments and donating here, before the bubble bursts as Donald Trump noted will take place in a few months.

While New Jersey Transit has Muslim threats, as reported exclusively by the Lame Cherry in matter anti matter, and the New Jersey hiring policies required special laws to keep DWI convicts from running their trains, this wreck in inquiry points to a white guy, who was away from the controls.
Not really an operator error, but more like an engineer who was urinating. Inquiry points to 3 coffees, quart coffees because someone was up late.

If the last pick up and stop mileage is correct, it was 5 1/2 miles. Conclusion is someone took longer to drain than the plumbing allowed. No prostrate troubles, but left the controls inquiry points to at about the 3 mile mark when the train had come up to speed.

I suppose he would have gotten into trouble hanging it out the window, but it would have been safer.

Oh something about a cell phone call too.