Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Next Female Saddam Hussein Ruler for Peace in the Mideast

The machete-wielding housewife leads a band of around 70 militia in her Iraqi hometown

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There is just something attractive about Wahida Mohamed as a woman. Perhaps it is her pistol. Perhaps it is her machete. Perhaps it is her 70 militia army, or perhaps for some, she cuts off the heads of the Obama regime's trained terrorists and then boils them.

Now the boiling I can understand, as when one has trophies, there is always the dilemma of do you want that sun bleached bone look or do you want a skull for your hearth which does not stink.

That is the thing which the novice is unaware of, and how this blog outed an American propagandist during the Bush years, who stated they were wearing Iraqi skull caps. Naturally anyone how knows anything about anything which was no one, knew that brains are comprised of fat, and you only get skulls by rotting  it out, or in the case of Egyptians, they stick a metal hook up the nose and snare the brain and pull it out.
Mummies always have that rotten stench to them, but they would never preserve if the guts and brains were in them. That is the trick in it all, in pull the inerds out and you got yourself a mummy which keeps thousands of years in dry climates.

The thing about Ms. Mohamed is she does not like the aged look to skulls so she boils them. See in the aged look, you get yourself a skull, put it on an ant pile and they will pick it clean. If you do not have ants, the Lord of the Flies works on a pike, and then you get lots of stink, but there is something to be said for maggots glistening in the firelight while you have a hot tea with your 70 militiamen, as the little buggers writhe about and are quite a show, providing you are up wind.......but with rotting brains, you got to be quite a ways upwind to not get that dead pig sour earthy smell.

Ms. Mohamed though is not a purist and just prefers he ISIS heads, which are in fact Kurd heads, communist Kurd heads, trained by the Obama CIA in Jordan and armed by the Obama Turks, and funded by Big Qatar and Big Saud for the Obama regime, all to siphon oil out of Iraq and Syria, for the liberal crooks which run western regimes. So her heads, are not the nice pure white of sun bleached, maggot gleaned, ant cleaned of pretty American buffalo or long horn cattle, but more like your turkey dinner in those rather offish colored bones.
Granted, I suppose hut guests of Ms. Mohamed are so WOWED over the wall of skulls, as most Muslims just have walls of dope or tobacco pipes, that they never notice in low light she is taking short cuts.
Granted again, if she displays them on her goat fence, they would notice in sunlight, but again, bones will bleach as if you take turkey wingbones off your Thanksgiving bird, and wash them up, and bag them, they will be nice and white.
 Again the problem though of, they will be rough as bones like wood, when wetted, not whetted, will expand and show rough spots, unless one polishes them down like a hunting powder horn, off of some ox or wild bovine.

As I stated, there is just something attractive about Ms. Mohamed. She is an alluring woman in proof you do not have to a fat Miss Universe to get attention, because she certainly has her male entourage and all she does is keep covered up, pull out her pistols and wave a machete around.

The only thing I am in the dark about, is there a Muslim "hints from Heloise" type writer who helps Islamic women in things about getting out blood splatter and how to keep an edge on your machete, after it is done sawing on human spine.


Um Hanadi has earned a terrifying reputation among ISIS fighter for boiling the heads of those Islamists she has killed

Editor's Note: In forensic science, there are key aspects one notes as in Rumpole's Blood Spatter. As one can deduce from the above photo, Ms. Mohamed has come across across a corpse and removed the head or someone else did for her.
Note there is not any blood splatter on the ground no a trail from the corpse laying before her. Notice the corpse does not have a blood pool.
All quite disappointing, as it proves she is a Muslim come lately, and it is really lately in the blood has congealed in the body and there is nothing to drain out.
Her holding of the head also is.......well girly. A real macho Muslim would lay hold of those ears for a good grip, but she is squeamish about even holding the hair. Granted she is quite proud of her trophy, but many Missouri trophies in road kill whitetail bucks happen in the United States this time of the year, and those posers also are quite pleased with a big rack.

Americans should be quite pleased though in knowing that by uniforms, America is arming and dressing both sides in this battle, and reports indicate that the Jews in Israel are manufacturing their flags.
Always comforting to know that American SWAT is there to assist in the cutting off of corpse heads for what we all hope is the next female Saddam Hussein to bring peace again to this land before the Obama regime imports all the head cutters and child rapists into America and Europe.

The British press are such fools in being sucked in by a story with a few heads cut off to sell it.

But despite being targeted in car bombs seven times, she has yet to be killed despite several wounds to her arms and head