Sunday, September 11, 2016

It is time to Quarantine Hillary Rodham Clinton

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It is now a pertinent question of how many children is Hillary Clinton going to be guilty of manslaughter or homicide, as it has now been reported in her cover story that she has walking pneumonia, which is a contagious viral disease which incubates for 10 days.

She reportedly recovered for two hours inside Chelsea’s apartment. Chelsea has two young children in the home.
Moments later, a child ran past a protective detail to greet Clinton in what some are saying was a staged event.
Hillary then touched her on the shoulders and bent down nearer to her, despite pneumonia being a contagious illness.

Mrs. Clinton deliberately exposed her two grandchildren to this walking death and then staged a photo op with a dark skinned little girl who seems expendable as the Mrs. Clinton breathed germs on this child.

It is a criminal event to expose people to contagions in knowing they are carriers of a disease.

18 arrested for selling sex, one for exposing people to AIDS

18 arrested for selling sex, one for exposing people to AIDS 3 years 1 ... Crime; Got A News Tip? News2 Team; News Links; News Video; RSS Feeds; Weather. Local Weather;

The Secret Service is now guilty in this Hillary Pandemic, as they have a greater responsibility in protecting America from Hillary Clinton.

This has now been a contagion which has has been rampant in the greatest American metropolitan areas for three days, exposing the elite of American society, and it was known by Mrs. Clinton.

For the safety of American children, Hillary Clinton must be under immediate quarantine, as she will not police herself. For that matter, these children who have been deliberately exposed to death pneumonia by Mrs. Clinton must have child protective services examine them by proper medical authorities to do all there can be done to stop this disease from contracting in them.

The question must be answered now in is this a cover story of pneumonia or is it a real plague Mrs. Clinton is carrying for the safety of American children. Mrs. Clinton's doctor should be immediately barred from practicing medicine as she is not treating this sick old woman properly in confining her to bed and keeping Mrs.Clinton from exposing innocent children to death.

Until the facts can be ascertained by an impartial medical panel in examining Mrs.Clinton, she must be placed under armed quarantine and kept away from the public, as Mrs. Clinton has proven one thing and that she cares not for the Democratic Party, Americans nor their children, as her entire agenda is about her power grab in she has no humanity about her any more.

If the pneumonia is the truth, then she deliberately placed a child in death's way, and if this is another Hillary Clinton lie and deception, what greater disease does she have in her, that she would pick a pandemic to hide behind?

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