Monday, September 19, 2016

Just Silly Blonde Questions On Terrorism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Being just a silly woman, and probably a blonde at that, I just can not figure out these headlines today concerning those events of this past weekend.

So this Akbhar Khanistan or whatever his name is......came to America, was naturalized, his family ran a bunch of chicken licking good shacks in black ghettos where Muslims live, and coming from Afghanistan he was not radicalized, but traveling back to Afghanistan he became radicalized, after living in America.

I guess it is just blonde of me in not comprehending things, but you know there were other things like if Ali Zanzibar hated America and pointed out to his kid that people in American uniforms were evil......then why plant a bomb at a Marine race for charity, and the terrorist explodes the first bomb before the race.....and then does not detonate the others.......but he does go to New York.

Then hours later in New York, Ahab Burkastan, somehow knows how to use a covered street tarp not to be seen to plant bombs, but then appears on camera strolling, but not placing bombs. Thing is about those bombs, once again one goes off and the UK press swore up and down the bomb was placed under a heavy trash bin.......sort of like if someone jumped on a grenade, so it absorbed the most dangerous part of the explosion.....and those other bombs never went off either........and those bombs which went off had no shrapnel to harm people and were only large explosions.

.....and the other bombs never went off, but were found too.

I just do not get how a terrorist who hated America so much, worshiped the lint from Mullah Omar's navel, seemed to be making devices which were all noise, detonated before events or put under objects where they would do the least possible harm.

Just a stupid woman as of course as I am sure Rush Limbaugh, FOX, Wolf Blitzer have made all of these observations known, asked all the questions and explained all of I do not know what I am talking about being a silly girl.