Monday, September 19, 2016

The Art of the Depression

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Whenever a regime starts creating money out of nothing in e currency in order to make an Obama economy as America has been engulfed in 20 trillion dollars in debt, there is a reality that the super rich have money to burn, and they start purchasing things to speculate in for more billions.

There is a reality though in this that when a depression begins that the first signs are not on Wall Street nor even are noticed on main street. Where the crunch first appears is in the non sense market. The non sense market is where rich people buy things like 500,000 artwork and brag how much they paid, and their cocktail crowd acquaintances say, "Non sense, you did not pay that much!!!"

The first sing of the Obama Economic Implosion has appeared, and just as the Bush market on housing imploded, which was the catalyst for the derivatives market, the market for the rich is the art bubble has burst.

BOOMBUST: Art Market Crash...

This does not mean a bust will appear this month. The illusion of the Obama economy of rapine must be kept propped up, so Hillary Clinton is not completely wiped out in the November elections, but the real economic sign is there. The things rich people threw money away on are now of no value.

The reality is the Obama regime has been dumping money to stocks to inflate them in the last gasp, but the conglomerates are not sharing, but in knowing what is coming, are now hording all of that cash......or like Ford, sending all of their manufacturing to Mexico, so when Hillary Clinton's nuclear war starts, Ford will not have it's plants vaporized, as Mexico is a safe zone.

Oh you did not figure that out until I told you now did you? Yes that is what Mexico and South America are. Corporate safe zones where Ford and Oreos do not give a damn about their puppets starting nuclear war in this world and American cities bombed, because hell they got plants in "neutral" nations and will continue to make billions in war, and they have their get aways Paraguay while Americans and Europeans rot in nuclear decay.

Just thought it would be good to keep in mind, that the money flow has stopped at the top and now it is only a matter of time before the economic crush occurs.

Logic now points to next year at latest, which will then have a terror event of large stakes to drive America into the Great Eurasian War so all of this Obama looting for the elite will be hidden in "war debt" where the cartel loots China and Russian gold reserves to balance things out again.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.