Thursday, September 22, 2016

Michelle Obamagate

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With the attention that Homeland Security is placing on Americans, it is perplexing to shocking to read of a college student, associated with Let's Move, in literal top secret details this man had at his fingertips and was passing them around.

What is most perplexing is this comes on the heals of Hillary Clinton's Emailgate, in which her information was posted all over the internet, as much as the DNC, with the knowledge that her server was a portal for any hacker or enemy state to bridge into secure servers or communications inside the regime, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was done to secure these connections for over a year, as this hacked information literally had the exact location of Vice President Joe Biden in departing, and to the number of steps he would climb.

The hack also revealed a Power Point detailing the recent trip of Vice President Joe Biden to the Intercontinental Hotel in Cleveland on June 26 of this year.
The detailed report includes how many stairs Biden will be walking up as he arrives at the hotel loading dock and makes his way up to the second floor of the facility.
It also features an photo image of Biden waving as he travels from the loading dock and up the stairs, laying out all the rooms and who he will be expected to meet and speak with at the event.

 This was not just Vice President Joe Biden, but literally it was Hillary Clinton, down to the details of how many steps she would take, to who would be riding where in transport vehicles.
This is a terrorist goldmine which was open to anyone who could hack, and it is absolutely stunning, as this is the exact information a enemy would require for a kidnapping, attack or assault on the American leadership.

The First Lady gets the same treatment for a Let's Move event being held in Waynesboro, Georgia.
And even a Hillary Clinton event held in May of this year in Houston is detailed, from who will be meeting the Democratic hopeful to, once again, the number of steps she will walk up and down.
There are also detailed documents detailing the movements for Clinton and those with her on a number of campaign events, from who will be riding in which car and their phone numbers to the manifest on her private plane as it travels around the country.
Most of those listed are members of the advance team for Hillary for America, along with Clinton aide Connolly Keigher and Clinton senior policy adviser Maya Harris.

There is absolutely no reason on God's Green or Obama's Sodom earth that any college kid should have these kind of details on travel, or scouting locations. This is the type of information the Secret Service closely guards, as in man hole covers and hotel windows, and this Obama employee not only had it, but was sending it out to people who had no business knowing any of this.

It is even more strange, for as he was emailing his professor about missing class, telling of Mrs. Obama's travel plans and schedule, which is again another violation of protocols, this employee had Michelle Obama's passport.

Seriously, it is not like she needed it for identification and one can not email your passport to some nation for entry. So it comes back to, what in the hell did this Obama insider have Mrs. Obama's passport in an e copy, and how the hell did he get it?

For all the blame on Hackers and Russians, what DCLeaks highlighted in a low level college student working across the spectrum in having access to Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Michelle Obama is mind boggling, because no one should have access to every VIP in the Obama regime, especially as this crosses State, Campaign and White House jurisdictions. The Secret Service has an impossible time of it already, without what appears to be the entire low level flunkies in the Obama regime having access to classified material.

Somehow this college kid got access as an Obama employee to top secret material and it was floating around all of the regime. This is even more distressing as the same access is to Donald Trump's information and other leaders from the Secret Service. America does not need a world of emails in the Obama regime telling exactly where anyone in the political leadership is exiting buildings, getting into cars, how many steps they are going to climb and which vehicles they are riding in.

It requires pointing out that the Obama regime has employed numbers of radicals with ties to terrorists, as much as Huma Abedin's employment and associations. It is evident by the above, that the problem of security was not breached alone by Hackers and enemies of America, but university zealots have been going through all the data and sharing it.

According to the New York Post, the genesis of this security disaster is Michelle Obama in Let's Move is her "school program of fat kids". It gets worse as Let's Move was funded by gutting Food Stamp Programs for poor people.

Obama using food-stamp cash to fund Michelle's 'Let's Move ...

... SNAP to the first lady's signature program, part of her Let's Move anti ... 2009 stimulus funds ... New York Post Share this: ...

Literally so this is understood, Michelle Obama came up with the fat kids program, because her adopted daughters were rotund. Somehow in this, this group of fat kid haters, got FROM THE UNSECURE FIRST LADY'S OFFICE a host of classified materials, which was putting everyone in jeopardy literally from Vice President Joe Biden to Hillary Clinton.

I am not going into conspiracy theories in this, in what is really behind this, because it is damning enough in an idiotic intrusive program about fat kids, had a bunch of idiotic power hungry interns, somehow gaining access to secure information which any terrorist would kidnap and torture for.

It is exasperating in what part of this never dawned on the Obama regime, that the food police should not have access to Secret Service classified information? Apparently none of it did, and what this leak exposes is, a reality of this was taking place in the food police division, in Hillary Clinton's division, in Colin Powell's division, then it was taking place everyone. What comes next in our finding out that the gal at USDA putting Large egg tags on small eggs for the past few years, has the nuclear codes in her emails, because image Obama is going to be eating eggs and bacon at Martha's Vineyard?

This is beyond the pale and it is something which must be secured immediately for the sake of America, and it is absolutely something which Donald Trump as President must have the Secret Service and Homeland shut down, in classified itineraries can not be handed out to people who want to serve tofu to children instead of turkey on Thanksgiving.

First priority is EVERY person in the Michelle Obama entourage has their security clearances revoked and all of their files and electronics seized, with the FBI explicitly informing them it is criminal to have this kind of date and it ceases immediately!

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