Friday, September 23, 2016

Trump Reformers: President Chester A. Arthur

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a sullied murderous history in America which has been covered up, which began during the American Civil War when American commerce was enticed by European finance to greed and corruption, which created a system that murdered General George Armstrong Custer, assassinated President Abraham Lincoln, started two world wars under Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, and stole an election twice for a foreign birthed Barack Hussein Obama in the ultimate betrayal of America.

One hears names of this from time to  time in the Indian Ring to the Neocons, but it is always there operating under the surface robbing, raping and murdering Americans.

This is the group who sees and hears assaulting Donald Trump and his supporters, for it is the same oligarchs who simply are initiated into the secret societies, being lied to they are more special than regular people, and end up in the greatest of crimes against all humanity.

In this Lame Cherry series of the Trump Reformers, I desire to show that there is historical precident for reformation in America of a corrupt regime to the Government of the People.

After the Civil War and the military occupation of the South, the speculators surrounded President US Grant where corruption ran rampant. The worst of this was the Indian Ring, a group of insiders who sold Indian terrorists weapons, used Government welfare for their profit and sold suttler or merchandise contracts to sell to the Indians in a huge rapine of America.
General Custer exposed a great deal of this in the Old Guard and was murdered for it as was much of the 7th Cavalry. This Grant Old Guard over the next decade of Southern occupation and Western rapine melded into a group called the Roscoe Conkling Stalwart Republican Machine, which was nothing more than selling the tax collection positions to cronies in the New York Port authority as it was the most lucrative in the nation.

There as great profit in occupying the South, collecting taxes in the North and speculation, and into this appeared Republican James Garfield who was murdered, and replaced by a most unique man in a New Yorker Vice President of Chester A. Arthur.

If ever there was an insider, it was Chester Arthur. He was appointed Quatermaster of New York in the Civil War, and then went on to manage the Port of New York, and was in time ousted by President Hayes from the position.

This is important in what Mr. Trump has experienced as it appears so odd, but none of this new in the establishment GOP, as Senator Conkling and his insiders in a fury over their insider system being under attack, tried to nominate President Grant again in 1880, but failed.
What Conkling's cronies did succeed at though was putting Chester Arthur on the ticket as Vice President with James Garfield.

The Garfield Presidency was akin to Ronald Reagan working for the people and George HW Bush working against Reagan, the People and only for the insiders in intrigue, because Arthur and Conkling were joined at the hip against President Garfield's reforms.

There was something life changing the day President Garfield was murdered and his assassin screamed out about being a "Stalwart" as in a GOP insider man, and ranting, "Arthur is President now!!!!", because the good soul of Chester A. Arthur emerged in the guilt of becoming President in such a horrid act of crime.

He immediately stopped associating with the Conkling cronies, and began acting President in becoming a man of refined taste, and appearing with the elite of America at New York, Washington and Newport.
President Arthur, whose wife had passed away the previous year, enlisted his sister to be hostess at the White House.

The Stalwart insiders were stunned and then went into a rage, because their former crony was now the champion of Civil Service Reform. With the fury of the people over the assassination of President Garfield, Congress fell into line and in 1883 AD in the year of our Lord, Congress passed the Pendleton Act.
This was a monumental reform because it stopped the political handing out of jobs, and created a classified system of examinations for government jobs.

This now too has been brought to ruin as each executive kept placing their favorite crony group under protection and illegal unions fill the ranks. It is something which must be addressed by placing a 4 year limit on those who can work for the government at any level not elected.

President Arthur also attempted to solve the reckless use of tariffs which were nothing but pork barrel taxes for the Congressional coffers, which were driving up prices to consumers so Congressmen could bribe their voters with projects.
He signed a Tariff Act in 1883.

In the last major reform President Arthur enacted the first Federal Immigration Law. The measure approved the following limits:

1. Exclusion of immigrants who were paupers.
2. Exclusion of immigrants who were criminals.
3. Exclusion of immigrants who were idiots (mentally incapable or deranged.)
4. Suspension of all Chinese immigration for 10 years. (Subsequently extended later due to massive overruns in Asians who were not Christian and were proving not capable of being Americanized.)

If one notes the savage attacks upon Mr. Trump, are over the same issues in those seeking to undermine America forever in invasion and immigration to change the American identity. Mr. Trump has absolute legal standing in what he is proposing to protect America, because it was American Presidents accomplished in the past.
There is absolutely nothing outlandish about ending an invasion of diseased rapists and murderers who are not Christian oriented or tolerant.

It is noteworthy in President Arthur for all his reforms, envisioned in peace on last reform, and that was to commission four steel warships in beginning to modernize the American Navy to the modern era.

For all of his work for America, President Arthur, the Republican for the People was turned against by his party and the reformers as well, and was replaced on the ticket.

Fortunately for America, the Democrats had an equal to this great reformer in Grover Cleveland who would continue on with the work of saving America from the insiders.

So for all of you who think this Trump period is unique, it is not. It is a revisitation of the past when Koch oligarchs rule America on the right and corrupt Clinton Foundation foreign money rules America on the left, to America's demise.

This can be changed, but it requires a reformer like Donald Trump and not a crony like Hillary Clinton, carrying on the same neocon rapine of the feudal few which has been the entire Obama regime. 

As an additional note: The Obamaniac attempts to move Chester A. Arthur to the defense of Birther Obama, but President Arthur was born in America, to naturalized northern Irish parents whose father was a Baptist Minister, does not compare to the foundling Obama, whose parents were an African and a Filipino, with Obama registering for political reasons in Africa, Canada and Indonesia when he became a Muslim citizen there, before illegally entering America again, and then taking student foreign aide.
President Arthur did none of that criminal misconduct.