Sunday, September 25, 2016

More Cush for the Bush

REVEALED: The friendship of W Bush and Michelle O...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had a friend who used to quote the time old phrase: Dark meat is juicier. It seems that the rather rumored at times bi sexual George W. Bush, has discovered common ground with the shemale of the White House.

Perhaps it was this meeting which was captured on digitals, and Michelle and George's expressions of their first intimate escapade in public. I mean how bold, how brash, how daringly suave is that nasty white boy Georgie, and how absolutely turned on that brown sugar of Michelle is.

Can any of us not agree that this oreo cream is not more attractive than image Obama and Muchelle. Seriously, W is big enough to handle Beaver Cleaver and Aunt Jemima on the side. It makes sense now when George was having a brain episode in public and Michelle looked on with a raptured glow as that was her Man putting on the show.

Now we know why Hillary Clinton has been having so much trouble with them Blacks from Cheryl Mills, Donna Brazille and Colin Powell...........Loretta Lynch, as it was all Michelle not thinking about protecting her Obama legacy, but working behind the scenes as the Madam Temptress to protect the George W. Bush GOP to give them political victories.

We can all say, "Thank you Michelle Obama", for doing the nasty and not letting that nasty Hillary Clinton do in the White House, what Michelle has been getting on the side.

I will tell you this on safari, when it comes to the bush, my boy Jeb likes khaki tan, but that George goes for em Jungle Camo and the darker the better.

Barbara Bush
Mother of George and JebBush