Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Hillary Clinton Dead Heat

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was contemplating how many of you have been conditioned now to believe that the Trump landslide is a close race with Hillary Clinton, and how many of you remember Lame Cherry told you, when this was a supposed 15 point Hillary Clinton lead, that this was all being geared to a fiction of a dead heat, of something like

Gary Johnson 13
Jill Stein 7
Others .5 (that is POINT FIVE)
Donald Trump 39.2
Hillary Clinton 39.3

No doubt Obama will call out the police state, certify the theft, and the press will all repeat about how Donald Trump is a sore loser.


We also have information to condition us now that some dick weed state like Colorado will seal the election...for that cucktard Bill Krystol.

Colorado to decide election?

Someone who might have had some insights into Hillary Clinton's debate book, may have discovered something like this:

  • The strategy is to attack Donald Trump on various issues of not being informed, his honesty, his family, all for the purpose to get Mr. Trump to unload.
  • Mrs. Clinton has all issues covered from FBI clearing her, to her doctor's statement and what it is all being set up for is the punchline of Hillary Clinton crying.

It has been well discussed and practiced in the insights of Rush Hudson Limbaugh, that when a woman cries she wins.

Mrs. Clinton has pulled this previously, a number of times. Someone in inquiry might have noted that there has been polling, detailed polling in focus groups to ascertain, exactly how to activate the tears and on what subject. She is preparing to unleash the crocodile tears in any number of ways on any number of subjects. It simply has to be Mr. Trump responding. This is designed to be accomplished in the first half hour, in order to dominate the rest of the debate.

Debates are not known to decide races, especially when it is liberal propaganda knowing Mrs. Clinton can not win a debate against Donald Trump, in her condition or any condition. That debate prep book also has something in it as the fail safe, where after tears, Hamrod can throw up her arms and say, "I simply can not be on stage with someone who so degrades the dignity and honor of the Presidency in attacking me and being an ally of America's enemies like Vladimir Putin".

Inquiry says the gambit will not work with the American public, but it is operational to attempt to salvage sick old Hillary as a Hail Hillary to hide the rest of the campaign season, press the "hate women" issue from her bedside chats, and to reinforce what this is all about in.........the DEAD HEAT to condition people to expect the e vote theft, instead of the Donald Trump landslide which is building.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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