Monday, September 19, 2016

Obama Regime Now Unleashes Rabid Elk on Republicans

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This is a story of the Obama regime slaughter of animals. No this is not about those ponies eating everything to death in Nevada or in the way of more LaVoy Finicum critters which need to be cropped, for all that conglomerate wealth about to be mined.

You do know from Day One that Barack Obama has had this hatred of mustangs right? His Department of Interior has been killing ponies out west for the entire 8 years, and the Animal Rights folks never say a word. Odd what not eh?

This though is about a little wildlife catastrophe called Chronic Wasting Disease. This is the Mad Cow of the outdoor world.

All of this started in Colorado in the Department of Wildlife in conducting a study on CWD or something it was studying in an enclosed pen. So the elk and deer got sick and died, and after the study was over, the game department scientists opened the gate and let everything loose.....or they opened the gate and let healthy animals in who contracted the CWD from the soil it was embedded in, as it is a prion disease, and it spread like wildfire throughout America.

See we do not know for sure in this, because Colorado had all this testing information online, until my brother wrote them a letter asking about it, and just like that it all vanished about a decade ago.

So you comprehend this, just like Lyme, CWD was for some reason let go into wildlife and it has been killing wildlife and people ever since.

This brings us to South Dakota which coordinates with Colorado on wildlife thing in a place called the Black Hills, where two game departments operate. One is the South Dakota Department of Game Fish and Parks which raises mountain lions and coyotes to kill wildlife the public is paying for, and the second is the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, when it is not stealing ranch land or having LaVoy Finicum shot, it is running Wind Cave National Park in the Black Hills, next to SDFWS at Custer State Park.

These two parks are interesting in Custer allows hunting, and Wind Cave hates hunting.

So where is all of this taking us? Why your tax dollars at work of course.

See it seems that Wind Cave has a problem with elk, like Nevada has with horses. The rest of the Black Hills has their elk eaten by damn mountain lions, but Wind Cave has elk......which sort of have brain disease like Hillary Clinton.

The Obama regime had this great idea of chasing all of the Wind Cave elk over to Custer State Park to be shot.

Now you might recall that disease the elk have, and sort of think, maybe people might catch that like Mad Cow which Oprah ranted on for years about milk cows in mistaking them for beef.
So that was the deal in this, in the Obama regime's bright idea was to get South Dakota hunters to shoot diseased animals, take them home to their children and infect all of these families.........well to act like Hillary Clinton does every few days.

One would think this sort of would be a story that the major press would be interested in, or at least Mark Levin or Rush Limbaugh, but then this is a Republican State, so just like oil slicks in the Gulf, no one much cares about Republicans dying from Mad Cow.

The story gets better though because before the Obama regime could kill off Republican children with mad elk, the elk had other ideas.

It seems the Obama regime decided to spend some more of your money after chasing diseased elk off of public land onto state land, they built a fence, an expensive fence, as what good is it to run rabid elk off your park, if they come charging back wanting to come home eh?

So they built this huge expensive fence, and the elk did what elk do, if you do not know. Lete me explain.

Perhaps you have seen in person or movies these pretty white barked trees growing think on mountains. These are Aspen and they grow so close they are called "dog hair". An elk is as big as a horse, with antlers as large as your door in height and width. For some God given miracle, all elk can run through dog hair while you would kill yourself running into trees.
You might have started figuring out that elk and fences do not mix. One of my neighbors from Church has elk in a pen, and he has like 12 foot high fences, with high line poles and an electric fence around them that would knock you down like a boxer hit you in a KO.

As the story goes, the Obama regime built this fence, and the elk turned around and exploded it by running through it.

In review, we have a fortune spent by the Obama regime again to kill something in mass, and again the Obama regime is using something like oil or rabid elk to try and genocide Americans, and it all ended in a disaster costing Americans more money, and after their solution the situation is worse than it started.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter........oh and the Obama regime gave the South Dakotans 5 days to slaughter the rabid elk......but as everyone in South Dakota works and are not regime union employees at Hillary events, so working probably saved the umm Dakotans from being prion poisoning.

There probably is some law about turning epidemics loose in Colorado or at least chasing diseased mad cow elk from federal land onto state land, and then telling idiots to go out and blast them and infect the rest of humanity to be like Hillary Clinton. 

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Wind Cave Uses Helicopters To Disperse Elk Herd ... Some of the animals actually dug their way under the fence, said Greg Schroeder, Wind Cave chief resource manager.

Wind Cave to use volunteer shooters to cull herd of elk ...

Wind Cave National Park is seeking volunteer hunters to help reduce the park's elk herd and hopefully combat a fatal disease later this year. 

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