Thursday, September 8, 2016

Shylock-Life is not a Jew way street. It is two way street.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have noted as all of you the headlines noting Jewish hatred spreading throughout the world. I can tell you of my experience with Ashkenaz Jews, in one family I came across in Texas, they made fun of the Christians who brought welcome baskets to their home, their brain damaged son was a complete ass who almost ended up in bed with Daniel Day Lewis as the retard was too stupid to know he was being trolled, and daughter was a lying little manipulator..........said the old man was Mosaad he works in American education.

That family pretty well cemented my dislike for these cowardly Jews in America who will not live in their Jewish state, produce babies to occupy Begin territories and expect other Jews to die for their Jewry, which amounts to pretending they are Jewish.

Israeli UN Envoy: Hatred of Jews At 'Highest Level of Lifetime'...

Nazi salutes greets national team in Italy...

Is that anti Semite? As a Semite is someone of Shem's bloodline and all Americans, Western Peoples including Germans are Shemites, it is a bizarre then to blame people who are Israelites of hating Semites when they are Semites.

For the fact, the Khazarans and Ashkenaz are not of the tribe of Judah. They are Jewish religious converts out of Asia, just east of Turkey as a matter of fact is where they originated from and now have supplanted Judahite lines. So the correct term would be Anti Ashkenaz, not Jewish.

What the Lame Cherry is interested in is the Truth. Truths like you know most of these Yiddish "Jews" all have this "cat chewing in your face" revulsion. You know what I mean if you ever watched Billy Crystal or Rob Reiner.They are always BOOM in your face with yelling, arms flying around, and this endless rant of something no normal person would ever give a damn or blessing about.

The point is like Mark Levin, another Ashkenaz Jew import. He screams, he yells, he is rude, he bitches, he pisses, he moans, he is #NeverTrump being an asshole for months, and once he thinks Donald Trump is going to win, then he suddenly will vote for Trump.

The Alt Right does this (((((( )))))) to parse Jews as Jews like parsing themselves, but examine what this is in the reality of we have these Ben Shapiros, Jonah Goldbergs, Bill Krystols and I am not going to list all of these Ashkenaz, but the point is, like that ass Ted Cruz, they have been employed to rip the GOP to shreds and call all Conservatives not like them as something to be burned at the stake. They work for powerful other Ashkenza interests and they are all obnoxious as hell. They are like Jesuits importing Muslims, and like these fraud Lutherans importing Muslims. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about these traitors and if you look at it bluntly, George Soros is raping the world like all of these economic rapists and then these Ashkenaz have the audacity from Google censorship to wonder about headlines of anti Jewish feelings are running rampant in this world?

Ok so we got this, who is giving billions of dollars to bribe nations? Is it Jews or is it the Saudis? Of course it is the Muslims, so you got sympathy for those communist Philistines that the Jews keep blowing up, because the Philistines are blowing up the Jews.
Then you got Jewish intelligence screwing with every nation, and treating ISIS in that Obama war. The point is the average mob in this world, sees the Jews are so tight that you can't squeeze blood out of their turnips while they are always getting some monopoly or Rothschild starting some war, and pretty soon the other races start looking around and saying they hate Jews.

The Jews have a PR problem of their own making. The Jews keep creating themselves a victims when they are the ones starting the fight. The Jews have been using the holocaust which in their version is propaganda fraud as a weapon to beat the shit out of Germans and use it as their excuse to treat everyone like shit for their criminal behavior, and there is puzzlement and headlines why people are fed up with all of that shit?

If Jews want to be loved. Then stop swindling everyone in the Shylock stereotype and start sharing the trillions. You got a problem with Philistines, buy the sons of bitches out and send them to some happy Muslim land and stop walling them in behind the Muslim ghetto. Stop thinking being a Jew makes you an eternal victim in you never have to answer for anything. Stop being like Shylock in thinking you got the right to carve pounds of flesh off of humanity for your religion which is the color of money.

Those are the realities of the modern stereotype of  the Jew, after it was vanished by Jews like Dr. Kissinger in diplomacy to Jackie Mason in entertainment, as that community tried to act in public to not reinforce the worst of their scoundrel elder's past.

What the question the Jews have to answer is, is the question on most people's minds now considering the anti Jew backlash, and that is, what is in it for the rest of humanity in having a relationship with Jews? Most people have decided the Jew is the problem and not the solution, because of Jewish actions.

It sounds cliche, but Jews should start being Christian for awhile in being charitable and pleasant. If they can not do that, then maybe they should try being like Sean Hannity, a nice Jesuit boy who has been busy saving Mark Levin from his bastard self.

For Jews so perhaps this soaks in, you got in your cage two Muslims, one is snapping at you, barking at you, pissing on you and growling at you, and the other wags it's tail, sits and is obedient. Which Muslim do you want?
It is the same with Jews, in the world has nothing but Mark Levin and George Soros as their poster boys and the Irving Berlins and Carl Reiners are gone.

It all is the reality that the Jews have problems because of their elders, just like the Americans blew the good will over 9 11 for Neocon Jews. Jews made the problem and Jews have to fix it or they will have more headlines.

Sean Hannity bought Mark Levin a 10,000 dollar bike and saved Levin from his #NeverTrumper suicide binge.........what has Mark Levin done? Not one blessed thing.

Life is not a Jew way street, but a two way street.

- Lame Cherry