Friday, September 9, 2016

The Stalwarts

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What follows here is what the world sells to you in 29.95 books, holding your lives as hostage. That has never been my way, even if the majority of you deserve it, and will get the terrible deaths you worked for in the end.

This is about the #NeverTrumpers, which none of you can quite figure out, but you should be able to figure it out when Peggy Noonan, Laddie Buckley and all of FOX news sold you out for Obama. It is how you kept being lied to in all of those Reagan Republicans who held majority power and did nothing but betray you and America with liberal policies, as they kept promising you one more election, one more House in Congress, one more Presidency, and under George W. Bush, you got FDR global wars and Teddy Kennedy education bills.

None of this #NeverTrumper treachery is new. It has been in America from that hidden period none of you were ever taught. All of this began in 1861 in the modern version which is betraying and murdering you, when money interests with European intrigue split the Democratic party and installed Republican Abraham Lincoln to split America into two Nations and dominate her by making her borrow European bank debt.

What arose out of the Civil War was a crushing of the Southern Political Power structure which dominated America, for a Republican rule, which turned the South into a vassal colony of military occupation, the West as a money laundering scheme in exploiting people, Indian terrorists, welfare and resources, as a group began emerging in Railroad interests and Banking interests, in strong political tyrants, who reached their height in Senator Roscoe Conkling of New York, who managed a system centralized in political appointments and utilizing the tariff or tax system to rob Americans by inflation in imported goods, gold and silver speculation.
That was America in pork barrel politics of Congressional graft in corruption run rampant as the regimes ruled and dethroned Presidents they installed.

This was the President Grant system, which began as the Old Guard of military insiders and wed to the financiers and industrialists, in an immense bribery and protection racket. It would devolve into the Stallwarts, or the Roscoe Conkling Stallwart Republicans who protected this crooked system, as Democrats attempted to tear it down for their own mastery.

It would take from the time of Repubican Chester A. Arthur to Democrat Grover Cleveland, for the Democrat machine to eventually wrest complete power. It would begin when New York finance cut the infamous German Genocide deal of the late 1890's to begin World War I, which was carried out by socialist Woodrow Wilson, which set the stage for the complete transfer of this criminal system to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's welfare state, which began siphoning money not off just for Congressional power projects of bribery, but tapping into the US Treasury directly, not from tariffs, but from an Income Tax into every American bank account.

All of you will be surprised to learn that the Franklin Roosevelt machine of Democrat power, actually after the unexpected occupation by the fool Harry Truman as President, as FDR picked Truman because he was a fool and proved it, that the Roosevelt machine picked Dwight David Eisenhower to be President over Democrats.

This is something you have to understand at the base of all of this, as this is not about political parties, because Presidents who arrived in the White House often exhibited more qualities of the other party than what was deemed their own party. So this nonsense in attacking Donald Trump for not being a GOPliter, a fraud conservative lying to the public as they implement Clinton policies, is without merit, as the following realities will prove.

Franklin Roosevelt was not a Democrat as the fine Grover Cleveland, but was instead a feudal rule of the elite, using the monetary system to gain power by bribery for his political machine. FDR had a number of communists in his regime as did Harry Truman. There was a definite shift in those years of the 1940's, in the magnets who had been created in Harriman and Pullman in the railroad era, gave way to the Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller and Hughes barons, who after the war, faced a new reality as FDR and Truman's thugs removed Joseph Kennedy and Douglas MacArthur as political contenders, as much as murdering General George Patton as a military leader, for what was to become the "melding" of America to be more like the Soviet Union.

The era of the 1950's though was not the complete community organizing of America as there would have been a revolution by the millions of Veterans who had been conned into Patriotism for two world wars, and now would be bribed in GI Bills to geezer themselves to death as the 3rd Reich would infuse billions into the US economy as numbers of Nazi members were too infused into the CIA and NASA to join the financiers who created in America the complete syndicate of the JP Morgan financial system.

The set backs to the communists by the American Right in Vice President Richard Nixon and Senator Joseph McCarthy in rooting out the 5th column communists in America was verified by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, but the communists in America were always there embedded in the National Socialist system, as that is what the financiers desired in the end, from Prescott Bush to David Rockefeller, for the community organized system was the most cost effecient to exploit nations, and to manage the masses to keep them from revolution.

What was the era of the Howard Hughes millionaire of the 1960's, through inflation by devaluing the dollar by linking it to oil, ended up in Hughes dead, and a new syndicate of power of the new world order, in financial aristocrats now inflated to become billionaires.
The entire Reich system of order in America, was overthrown from the pro American vision, to the global vision. The Reich was an important transition from Americanism to Socialism. What was once American nationalism, was transformed to the American organization. Power was centralized and every facet of America was organized and regimented to make America produce one thought, one profit to exploit, one political mind, as the oligarchs rose in power in the syndicate of the global cartel.
This was the police state and it ordered itself in the CIA first. The CIA would produce with the military industrial complex an MK ULTRA mind control, a Mockingbird propaganda brainwashing and with that control transformed to the neocons of Bush's, Clinton's, Obama's, America, which is designed to make the public believe that elections are free, that political parties represent them left and right, and that everything you are told is the way it is, when it is all a lie.

That is what is the #NeverTrumpers. They are the funded wing of a police state propaganda machine which works for who the oligarchs have chosen. The politicians are chosen due to being corrupt, so that the US Treasury funds are poured directly into the billionaire nation rapist conglomerate accounts. It is all now a mechanism where it funds itself, is a law unto itself. There is no economy. There is only this illusion of the same corruption of the Stallwarts now magnified a billion times over in these strange frauds which no one can figure out what they are.
It is simple though what they are, they are the brainwashing mechanism to provide cover for election theft by e vote fraud, and the polling tells you the margin of fraud, all so when another Obama steals another election and 10 million American votes disappear, that those whose names you never hear who exploit this system of rapine, never have a Donald Trump in the White House to bring them all up on charges to hang them.

That is all the modern Stallwarts are in the #NeverTrumpers. They are simply propaganda prostitutes for the billionaire pimps who manage the political whorehouses, so those stationed people in the ivory towers who have accountant programs knowing how many pennies to raise a gallon of gas will not induce a revolution, knowing how many people to give cancer to and murder so the people will keep taking those treatments for profit structures and know how many Muslim and Jesuit invaders to dump into America to be the diversion to carry out the American Genocide.

It is what is behind the rants against Donald Trump in all the lies. It is people who believe nothing that you do, but were hired by this oligarch order to protect a criminal system designed to hold you in place for the final phase of your extermination, as immortal elites do not need other immortals challenging them who can not be killed and robots do the service which humans once toiled in the gulag which they all believe the lie, that they are too smart to be in.

I had hoped that a fine lad like Pat Buchanan would have written of this, but every person's understanding is only in the modern era. This cancer has been a plague upon America not for this generation, but for many and has murdered millions of the Citizens, by those traitors who serve this beast.

This is a stand alone post for the importance of the content. There will be future posts explaining the history of American Presidents, which Donald Trump must be for Americans to not perish as a race.

Nuff Said.