Monday, September 26, 2016

Some Americans Have All The Fun

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I hope this is ok to share, because sometimes I hold back on things like gorilla dancing dreams, and other times like this, I am just excited, because this is the coolest thing ever and I want not only one, but a half dozen, as this activity would delight me to no end.

See Captain Kirk lives in Texas, but he does not just live there, because he had dangerous water moccasins, chasing his women folk home, as there is this pool of snakes and catfish by his house, and he has to go down and blast the snakes.

I mean this is 8 year old child heaven!!!! All I had were squirrels on our corn bin and a 410. Captain Kirk has fricking dangerous snakes and they apparently are as numerous as Mexicans crawling across the border. He does this all the time, while all I get to do is go for a walk. Imagine going for a walk, having guns and getting to shoot dangerous beasts. Even Mark Twain would not turn down anything like that.

I share his letter as I was completely impressed, as there was human blood involved, and what is a good snake shoot if your own blood is not involved. I suspect if this was me telling the story, that by the end of it I had been knocked out, the snakes were closing in from every side and I was having to grab them by the tail, and that I have a cottonmouth computer cover at home if you care to see it.

Oh all I had was a snapping turtle on the road and me being henny penny telling TL to not be kicking at this tortoise size snapper as TL would get at toe bit off.

We have this large named creek on the front half of our property, It has water year round, but certain sections dry up in the summer, leaving deep pools in other sections. One area, the creek makes a 90 degree bend, the banks are steep and about six feet high, and 25 feet across. There is a deep pool there where fish (mostly catfish) get trapped in the summer. Of course, this is a perfect place for water mocassins. I really hatepoisonous snakes, so I go down there every time with my shotgun to thin them out. My wife and daughter noticed a particularly aggressive one at their last visit. So, I'm standing on the bank, about halfway down (with snake guards on my calfs!!). Trying to be quiet to see if anything moves. About 5 minutes in, a moc starts swimming from the bank, 3 feet directly below me. In less than a second I take a snap shot from the hip just behing it's head in the water. BAM! It shot water up in the air that rained down on me for what seemed like a really long time. I stood there watching the area to see if he came back up. a few seconds later I spotted him swimming towards the opposite bank. I thought to myself"Well crap, I'd better line this shot up right!". I pulled the pistol grip uo close to my chin, put the bead right on him and BLAMMO!. Oops. Houston, we have a problem. I was shooting a Winchester model 1300 Defender. I removed the standard stock and replaced it with a scorpion stock, which was folded up. The back of the shotgun punched me in the lip, splitting it. The blast literally blew the moc out of the water onto the opposite bank about 3 feet up. I deployed the stock and fired 4 rapid blasts into  him for the coup de grace (I was pissed about my lip :-)). A few seconds later another moc was swimming toward the opposite bank, so I blasted him too. Now I'm out of ammo, except for the 5 rounds of double 00 buck in the shell saddle on the scorpion stock. I loaded a round of buckshot and waited. He popped up about 6 feet away swimming for the exit from thecreek turn. I shot him with the buckshot and waited. Stood there for a good 30 minutes and he never showed again, no more movement in the creek. I reckon the buckshot did the  trick. Maybe a lesson here? Buckshot for water shots and not 6 shot? By this time, I'm bleeding like a stuck pig,and the swelling had begun. For the rest of the day, I sported the duck lip look you see sometimes on facebook. My daughter told me to tellpeople I took the "Kyla Jenner shot glass challenge", whatever that is.
Swelling is gone today, but I think I will get a scar under my moustache as a reminder. I need to get me a shotgun shell bandolier, and find the old fixed stock and put it back on, lol.

A scar too and a moustache. This is all too much fun! I think I would put some Mercurochrome on it and nurse it along for a week, taking the scar out and explaining to people I was attacked by roving poison snakes and I was forced to bite the head off of  the last one, as I was out of ammo.

If one is not prone to biting heads off poisonous snakes, I was thinking that lead BB shot or 2's would reach out and touch them too, better pattern, and I always had very good fortune with 2's in a handload my brother made in an ounce and sixteenth shot moving at 1400 fps.......really killed pheasants and I called it a catwacker load as Lord it did justice to snarling feral critters.

Thank you for sharing.