Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Thanks to Hillary the Swing States are now Trump States

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I was studying the photos of Hillary Clinton as she lost to Donald Trump in the debate and noticed she had a slight variation again in her eye. This time though it was not right to left, but it was the right eye was slightly offset vertically than the left eye.


This is fascinating in her wandering eye, as the magic potions apparently cure one effect and a new one arises.

All is back to abnormal though, because today in North Carolina, playing to an unpacked house, her right eye was once again rolling back into her head as it was last week.

For all the fake polling though in Mrs. Clinton's loss to Donald Trump, it did not transfer well to her Greensboro North Carolina rally. The campaign spent a great deal of time and money with bunting, but barely three hundred people showed up in a gymnasium, where they had to be packed in for the close up fraud of the media making it look like a packed house, when in reality there were gaping holes where no one was but solitary law enforcement.

This is the Democratic nominee in the final month of the campaign, coming off her first debate, and no one came to her rally.

Greensboro has a population of over a quarter of a million people. This is a major metropolitan area, and no one came.

Greensboro skyline

There are 133,000 state employees and over 16,000 federal employees in North Carolina and 8000 non American union workers in that state. In the past, Mrs. Clinton's union bosses gave workers the day off to fill her events, but in North Carolina, almost 150,000 bodies were available and no one came.

NC.gov: Jobs - State of North Carolina

There are state government jobs across the ... North Carolina State Government is the state's largest employer with over 133,000 employees all working toward ...

Federal Jobs, Employment in North Carolina | Indeed.com

16,070 Federal Jobs available in North Carolina on Indeed.com. one search. all jobs. Skip to Job Postings, Search Close. Find Jobs Find ... Salaries in North Carolina

8000 'Guest Workers' Join Farm Union in North Carolina ...

8000 'Guest Workers' Join Farm Union in North Carolina. ... travel each year from Mexico to work the fields of North Carolina. H2A workers ... a number of things ...

This is what a campaign looks like which is dying. All it can do is rig polls, have moderators debate for old Hillary and the media lie to the American People.

I have a reality for every Democrat and that is the fact that THEE WORST thing which could have happened is Mrs. Clinton was injected with enough potions to get her through a 90 minute debate, because if she had collapsed, Democrats would have had a chance with Bernie Sander, who betrayed his followers due to threats from Mrs. Clinton.
Now Democrats are stuck with this woman, as she can degrade to old hag status and have another medical incident to depress voters.

There are now no longer Swing States. Thanks to Hillary Clinton they are Trump States, and the Blue States with Reagan, are becoming Trump Blue States.

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