Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I noticed the Viking has disappeared and a search shows him above ground yet, I ponder things in a note I received today, or part of a note.

Your writing is very important to me. I wanted to share that your writing is apparently very useful to others who make money rebroadcasting it.

The above actually delights me in a way, because it is pleasant to read someone else is picking up on the things that give me pause as I listen to various programs and sources and things just slip out.

Rush Limbaugh back in the day was one of the biggest plagiarists who ever was employed by Mockingbird intelligence. He once read a letter of mine almost verbatim, with all the credit taken by him. I would be more charitable if I was not like most of you, in stuck in a hard place of too many responsibilities and never enough time. It is easier to be the nanny goat feeding the troops when you are left to fend for yourself, as others live the life of luxury.......in telling me they are poor, the IRS they are poor, but they can not flash enough bling to impress others with just how rich they are.

It has been unpleasant in cat world here. After Scaramouche was dispatched for running other cats off and killing them, our pet cat came back and started acting like male cats, and today olde LaHire returned. He actually is fat and in good shape, so whichever neighbor was feeding him was doing a good job.

Into this we have the normal cold and kittens born too late, and I suspect something is around here putting the bite on them in killing them. LaHire was never like that and the fuzzy cat was not like that either. I just know I buried two kittens and it was probably kind whatever killed them as it is a struggle in life, which mirrors a great deal what human life is, because people are like cats.
Really all animals are the same, in being mean. You save an animal being picked on, and feed them, and next time you see them they are tearing into some other animal.

I once read documentation that chimpanzees and wolves both eat their own. Actually chimps are quite brutal in forming hunting parties to kill some unfortunate of their kind and eat them. I am sure we will all witness many things in a Great Tribulation, but I will pass on the human primates having a femur boiling in the pot sticking out, as they size others up as the living larder.

I had good fortune in testing. I caveat this with no corn is going to grow without water, but there is an Oscar Will variety called Rustlers which is white dent, and that stuff is really a remarkable corn for how it performs in bad conditions.
Of course I did not have the room, so I have Rustler and Rustler crossed with a yellow corn, and a yellow heirloom corn. I am thinking of keeping the cross as with breeding it probably would be the best of both corns as a natural hybrid. I do believe though that Rustler is a good corn.

It has been wet this autumn so my Arikara White flour corn rotted and sprouted on a number of ears. They do not hang down to shed moisture, so that is a problem. That is really a good corn though.........I must have lost 30 ears to coons. They went nuts on it after it dried which they never do. So it must be sweet for a flour corn. Oh well, save what survived and ponder about acres of Monsanto corn and the rodents going nuts over my corn again.

I was pleased President Elect Donald Trump explained we are in the worst economic bubble of history, and when it is deliberately burst, probably next year to impede his Presidency and to set of the Great Eurasian War, people are going to discover a great deal about inflation.
With President Trump, America has the energy resources, and raw wealth to build jobs with the return to overseas corporations feeding off of America. Tariffs will cure the overseas production in exploiting Asian slave labor, so it will be better to employ Americans.
For those who think this will drive up prices......put it this way, they pay a Chinaman or Indian 10  bucks a day for a good job, and Cabelas is still charging you 150 dollars for a jacket which cost them 5 bucks with shipping.......so you sort of get the idea it is all bonuses to the big shots and cash horded away all at your expense.

I know God is Good and records everything. I know like the above note that I see a great deal of photos from this blog appearing in posts as other peoples work to make their points. It just the way it is whether it is monkeys, cats, wolves or slugs, the animal jungle just eats its own, never giving a great deal of thought to whether they will need them tomorrow.

I think sometimes I would like to do a comedy or sorts based on Helsing and the Major in making these old musicals which drive me up the wall as I never could figure out how people erupt into songs.......well at least I do, but when I sing it is not boring.......any way, what could be cooler than an opening where Julie Andrews is swimming through lederhosen air and suddenly a dozen blimps appear, all black, with big red swazzies on them and they bomb and strafe everything..........probably ravage Julie's old lady who too for some comic shock appeal.
I don't know what would follow, but I think what would precede this in the movie would be Gregory Peck in to Kill a Mockingbird, I would overlay a hot girl with garters to come strutting into the court room and just bitch slap Gregory Peck as I never liked that liberal gun grabbing bastard, and then Garter Girl would say:

"See what you did you commie rat bastard!!!"

.......and then the swazzies would blow up the von Trappe family with Julie lederhosen swimming.

That is my kind of movie as it would be the future we all would be facing. Might as well enjoy it as it is the only future we got like the only air.

That really sounds like a kick twat movie.