Friday, September 30, 2016

The Accidental Diabetic Muslim

Ohio Muslim Brutally Honor Kills Daughter, Family Excuses Murder With 4 Words

Tahani Masour, another victim of Islam in America
Murdered by her Muslim father 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is such a relief to find out that a shot of insulin will cure all Muslim violence in this world, as it is diabetes which caused 9 11, suicide bombers, Obama genocide in the Muslim world and of course all of the Muslim terror events.
We now know that the bribe given to Iran in billions of dollars was not about giving money to terrorism, but Muslim image Obama providing funds to Shia Muslims to buy insulin.

We know all of this, because of an incident in Ohio, of Honor Murder, that the reason he capped two rounds into her head in the middle of the night, was due to Jamal Masour having diabetes.

As expected, politically correct officials are scrambling for a motive, even though Jamal and his family members admitted that he and Tahani had an argument before he shot her. However, the most sickening detail is that the media are running with the family’s ludicrous excuse — that Jamal accidentally shot his daughter because he has diabetes.

Yes it is a relief to know that two planes flying into the Twin Towers on 9 11 was exactly like the two shots this father pumped into his daughter's head, as it was all an accident.

I never would have diagnosed any of this in correlating accidental Muslim violence, all linked now to a sugar disorder from a faulty pancreas.

Apparently Mohammad and his millions suffer from mass diabetic reaction, which is most interesting in, does diabetes cause Muslim violence, or does diabetes draw people to Islam, or is Islam the cause of all Muslims being diabetic.

It seems now if all Muslims were simply mandated to have automatic insulin injectors placed in them, that all of this Muslim violence would stop. The Germans make a wonderful synthetic insulin, which would provide Bayer with a fortune.

I personally do not know if Christians all have healthy pancreas, but in Islam it is a condition.

All medical evidence aside, it is evident what caused this late night murder of a girl, was this Shia (Masour is an Iraqi Iranian, therefore Shia name.) literally Americanized and not going to be a covered in wool beast of burden.

The daughter Tahani Masour, at age 27, was literally locked up in the house, as was this entire family. The neighbors never saw this family as this father ruled them like a 3rd world dictator. This is the face of Islam in the Obama hundreds of thousands of Muslim imports. This is not about mosques going up across America by the thousands, but is about what is taking place in tens of thousands of Hillary Clinton Muslim homes in America supporting her, in a Stockholm Syndrome of Islam.

It perhaps makes sense why Huma Abedin's mother exclaimed to Hillary Clinton that Clinton saw Huma more in a few days that Huma's family had seen her in five years. Huma fled Islamic confines not suffering from diabetes, but because of how brutal it is.

There must be a Christian Feminist intervention to rescue the women of Islam from the brutality they are exposed to inside America. Muslim Women must be emancipated  from this religion if that is their choice. The West can not have any more Tahani Masour's being suppressed, enslaved or murdered.

It is ridiculous the propaganda which Islam is encased in, and the excuses it has in the oil soaked press.

This beautiful American woman was murdered in America, and the guilty with the blood on their hands are not just the father, but it is the regime of enabling Barack Hussein Obama and the blood on her hands of Hillary Clinton who laughed at Khadaffi's murder.

The only emancipation of Muslims is going to occur with Donald Trump as President. This lunacy of now blaming diabetes for Muslim murder is what Obama Clinton has infected America with. A Muslim and a media have shot bullets into a young girls brain, and she clung to life for 10 hours before dying, and instead of remorse, another Muslim excuse is promoted, now blaming diabetes for Muslim insanity.

Ohio Muslim Brutally Honor Kills Daughter, Family Excuses Murder With 4 Words