Friday, September 30, 2016

Another Trump Victory Sign

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Rush Limbaugh is a most interesting study some times in his scripted talking points and on Wednesday September 28th in the first hour, he had a millennial on who was 31 years old, acting like what he had to say came down from the mount. What the milltard though was talking about was not being for Hillary, and not being that excited about any Republicans, until he watched the debate.
What the milltard was going to say though, BEFORE RUSH LIMBAUGH CUT HIM OFF, was that after the debate, he was now excited about Donald Trump and an avid supporter.

Now why in hell would Rush Limbaugh cut off a caller representing milltards, as I thought the idea was to defeat Hillary Clinton right?

The answer would of course be obvious in that objective is now completed, and is why the cucks are hand-wringing and why the Hillary supporters are fading away like the long lonesome winter. Donald Trump is surging so far ahead, that old Hamrod can not steal this.
So why would Limbaugh be now trying to suppress votes?

It is because the Big Koch and GOPliters do not want Donald Trump winning this by such a landslide that he really is going to have Congress scared shipless, and Donald is going to role back all of this oligarchy in a few months and make America Constitutional again.
That is what this is all about now, in trying to suppress Donald Trump from a landslide which is going to put the GOP on a leash and bring Democrats to heel. A massive vote for Trump will absolutely undermine the conglomerate rulers for at least 2 years, and that is what Rush Limbaugh is trying to arrest.

It is a positive sign in this that Limbaugh has marching orders to suppress votes for Big Koch. It is something that each of us should work now to bring out even more numbers of voters to really vanquish this feudal few, to free America from this gulag.

I am moved in this to expose Rush Limbaugh for the few who still are half brains, and to also show what a half brain he always has been in the following.

Most of you probably remember Christopher Kit Carson who ran the Limbaugh show. He died of brain cancer recently and Rush Limbaugh posted the following, which really has nothing to do with his staff member.

Fifty-six years old.  He arrived around age 30 or 31, grew up in Milwaukee.  He was insistent, you know, when he introduced himself to people, "Yeah, I'm Kit Carson," and he assumed everybody thought that meant he'd be related to the famous cowboy character, Kit Carson, so he told everyone, "Yeah, my name is really Kit Carson."

Jon Hall as Kit Carson; and the real Kit Carson.

Cowboys do not wear buckskins.

Cowboy character Kit Carson. I will repeat that in Cowboy character Kit Carson, so it soaks in. Kit Carson was never a cowboy in his life. Kit Carson was one of the first Plainsmen in American History. He was a Scout for John Charles Fremont's expedition to California, was part of the American expeditionary force which liberated California from the Mexican Empire, and Kit Carson was a Colonel in the US Military.

Kit Carson was a Trapper. Kit Carson was a trader. Kit Carson twice herded thousands of sheep through Indian lands for market to California, and never lost a sheep or had a problem with Indians.

Kit Carson was the confidant and friend of Jesse Benton Fremont, wife of the first Republican Nominee for President, John Charles Freemont, and daughter of the great Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton who formed America in that period in Congress.

Saying Kit Carson was a cowboy, is like saying Ronald Reagan was telegraph operator, because Reagan was on radio. The era of cowboys did not occur on the Great Plains, until Mr. Carson had passed this veil.

That is always the kind of thing which comes spewing out of Rush Limbaugh's mouth in his patrician ignorance, and unless it is scripted, as in the placing on air of a milltard, and then cutting off the 30 something child before he can gush on Trump to suppress votes, it is a matter of Rush Limbaugh never getting anything completely right, and everything half assed.

It is just the point in this, that Rush Limbaugh has been sabotaging Donald Trump from Day One, first for oligarch patsy Ted Cruz, and then for Big Koch again in suppressing votes.

Know this, as of this date, that Donald Trump is trending toward a historical landslide in power which is going to save every one of you reading this. That will cut off the oligarchs and the cartel in neutralizing them for some time.

Remember that when you hear of Rush Limbaugh in what treachery he has been up to and is still up to every day.