Monday, September 19, 2016

The American Tragedy: President Millard Fillmore

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As has been written of here in the strength of the American Triumverate, the American Trilogy had it's equal in the American Tragedy, which followed three American Presidents who in their best abilities steered America to not what any of them desired, in Civil War.

The beginning of this was the unexpected death of President Zachary Taylor, where he declared to Southerners that he would personally lead the US Military to the South if they attempted insurrection and he would hang each of the Southern leaders in the process.

That is what is amazing in what followed, because this began with the democratic minded General, in President William Henry Harrison who died in office, leaving the dynamic John Tyler and James Polk as Presidents, who progressed America on a cannonball down hill run of expanded territories and an expanding economy, which America due to the slavery issue clouding the real issue of Northern financiers and Southern politicians, was caught in a power struggle at the death of President Taylor, to which New York Vice President, Millard Fillmore stepped for his few short years as President.

Millard Fillmore's leadership can best be summed up by Senator Salmon Chase of Ohio,

"The Message of Fillmore  asserting the right of the United States and declaring his purpose  to support it, AND THEN BEGGING CONGRESS TO RELIEVE HIM FROM THE NECESSITY of doing so by a compromise - that message did the work".

The "compromise" which would be called the 1850 Compromise or Missouri Compromise was put forward by the brilliant Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois. It entailed the following 5 points:

1. California admitted as a Free State
2. Settle the Texas boundary with Mexico
3. Grant Territorial Status to New Mexico
4. Federal officers would assist slave holders in apprehending fugitive slaves.
5. Abolish slavery in the District of Columbia

This is the compromise that Millard Fillmore backed to settle the situation in America. The Whigs were furious and denied Fillmore the Presidential nomination in 1852, which settled absolutely nothing, except returning another weak Democrat to power as the festering fury of the Northern financiers at odds with the Southern Aristocracy.

With the great compromise a bandage on the gushing hemorrhage of America, the America tragedy was birthed with the advent of Franklin Pierce.

In the strangest of realities in how weak President Fillmore was on domestic policy, Mr. Fillmore was brilliant in sending the American fleet under Admiral Perry to entreat Japan to open her ports. This would be fulfilled under President Pierce by treaty.

President Fillmore trusted in the treaty at home and abroad to progress America, and it led to an American Civil War in 1861 and a global war instigated by Democrat Franklin Roosevelt in 1941, from a Japan which had been built by the treaties which opened her ports up to America in the 1850's.