Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Failed Obama Police State

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America is now a delusion where Governor Cuomo of New York speaks of terrorism as not that bad as no international evidence is found.............but just a few years ago the evidence of bombs made of pressure cookers was direct evidence in Boston of international terrorism.

The fact is that after 9 11, the President George W. Bush, police state did not have any major attacks on America or Americans in the Bush Cheney management of security. As of the inception of the Obama regime, beginning with Fort Hood Islamic  terrorism, there has not been an era of peace in America, as either it is some democratic lunatic shooting rubber bullets at Gabby Giffords or it is some Ali bomb going off in New York.

The fact is we have so many terror attacks in America, that we have forgotten most of them.

Do you remember the first bomber in New York with his propane bombs in a vehicle, and then Eric Holder let the terrorist drive around for hours, and enter an airport filled with Americans, knowing this Islamist had a rifle with him?

Yes we have so much terrorism now that no one is paying attention to any of it. Rich gay New Yorkers brag they still are eating their gelato bravely and sipping wine........not going to find out if they can help injured people as on 9 11, but in the era of Obama, sitting stupidly not reckoning that there might be a bomb where the are seated too.

After my interview with Homeland, I have concluded they are very well trained professionals. If you have ever seen The Closer with Brenda Lee, that is how adept they are at their jobs. In assessing this, it is not the field agents who are the problem in any of this, but the Obama regime minders on top who have politicized all of this.
Think of the resources which are being wasted in watching Christian Americans, while a coordinated attack is unleashed on America from Minnesota to the East Coast, and no one with all the data sweeps discovered this conspiracy?

I was asked why I thought the government was watching me, and told that it was hackers and too many people online.
OK so how did it happen then that after I was interviewed, my download speed went from 128 kb a second to 10 kb a second? I know this as I needed to download Adobe and that was the listed speed.
How is it that of all the things published on this blog, that somehow after publishing the article about the Obama regime denying Homeland Security agents immediate purchases of firearms, was the one which disappeared?

Quite  powerful hackers that have free reign at AT&T and Google. Quite powerful literally when both are funded by the NSA.

One can claim tin foil hats and mock the experiences, but one can not disavow that terror events are spiking in America from the Obama regime policies which have the Americans listed on watch lists and for interviews, which is apparently so overwhelming the system that the terrorists are not being picked up as they coordinate attacks.

There are almost 200,000 Homeland Security personnel. I doubt that 1000 more police are the answer, when the answer is George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were doing something right after a terror surge, and the Obama regime is doing something grossly wrong in a surge of terror events inside America.

It goes to the reality that the American police state is being overwhelmed in being made to waste time targeting Americans, while the political minders on top, are too busy covering up Hillary Clinton crimes while importing more Muslims because OPEC is donating to the Clinton Foundation.

I do believe Donald Trump is correct in our police at all levels are doing a thankless job and they are being misused from Border Patrol to Chicago PD. Look at New York, the most watched city in cameras in America, and no footage is being presented in who planted those devices. That is an impossibility, so it again begs the question in you have field agents and officers risking their lives looking for bombs in trash bins, while the political minders on top are covering up for the crime, not to offend their Soros or OPEC donors.

This is the failed Obama Police State. It is the political leadership which has mislead the police and caused this distrust by the covering up of Hillary Clinton's crimes or attempting to turn every crisis to gun control.

America for her security from Black Chicago neighborhoods, to sodomite New York streets to Texas towns, is going to need a robust President Elect Donald Trump to fix this Obama Clinton disaster in the misuse of the American police state, because Mrs. Clinton can not even wake up long enough to cough, let alone congruently answer a question about terrorism.

Donald Trump jr. stated it best in the mocking of this regime in "a pressure cooker with wires......ah that is a bomb".