Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Hand of God

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog which the Holy Ghost Inspires is something which amazes me. The things that Homeland Security focus on are not the things that matter, and what matters I need a reminder of, and it came from a number of the family of this blog in stating the Christian teachings here were exactly what they needed at that moment in their life.

I wonder at this moment about God, because He does make things impossible for me. So I am chronically fixated on working under the delusion if I work harder that somehow good things will happen. I ponder, search, dismantle, examine and wear myself out trying to think of a perfect way to pray to get the things I want.
In that, my desperation comes out as I get nothing, but God gives everything.

I have been moved to write about the intricacies of prayer in asking God to give you what He desires and to use His prosperity for God's Will, but let us face a reality of what I have as most have, in our lives are full of problems, too busy and satan attacked, that it is not like we need God expanding our world to have more problems in dealing with more people we hate.

It is a simple thing to ask God for one thing beginning each day, and that is to ask God for His Hand to be upon you in a prayer to start each day.

God's Hand is one of protection, favor, blessing, holding, running interference for you, Inspiring you, overcoming all for you.

I do not want you to think there is a catch in this, because there is, but it is not like hauling off to Africa or having to adopt half of Mexico for your basement. The thing is with God's Hand, you simply have to be ready and responsive to do good.

Now I am not talking about picking up hitchhikers or selling your homes to buy condoms for lesbians. It is the little things of expectation in looking for good things to happen and opportunities to do open a door for someone, and being thankful when they and praising God and not expecting thank yous for doing something right.

Do not become bogged down though in expecting work and it to be another bad thing to endure. This is a reality instead of good things happening so you can show others by your actions how a Christian really has Christ in them. A smile, please, thank you, and opening doors are simple enough things to others and simple enough to smile, say please and thank you to God when good things happen.

Reality is satan will try and disappoint you and make you have an experience which will not have you continue on with this Hand of God life, but that is where you step over the hindering, rebuke satan in Jesus Name, and make it your will that you are living a life with the Hand of God on you.

David had the hand of God on him, and Saul persecuted him, every nation persecuted him, and his own family persecuted him. The thing is people have all kinds of problems now, as most of you do already without asking for God's Hand upon you, and  those people like George Washington to Donald Trump had the same problems and persecutions you do, and God wins it for them.

There is a great hope and security in knowing that you are on God's side and He is working for delivering you out of  the problem to bring Glory to Him, and for you to prove that you are not all talk, but will show by your actions to not lose it in blaming God, going fetal position or quitting on God, again.

Face it, life sucks. The devil lusts to destroy you here or in hell. Logically, you might as well get used to being the image of God in standing on your two legs, instead of crawling away in the pen to be an animal. You are going to have to face this if you want eternal Life, so you might as well shrug, sigh, pray to God to put the Hand of God on you, and confess what He already knows in you are not ready for it, but that you are willing to try and beg God to carry you through it for His Glory and Honor.

Placing yourself on God's side, does not mean the end of the life He provided you. Being on God's side means moulding yourself to His Law to train you in disciplines for life and peace. It means you are always looking to God to do the fightings, do the work, and do the thinking. You just give God the credit as He is doing it all any way.

Almighty Father, You overflow with Mercy and Kindness, and You know my life is a mess and not how I intended it to be. I ask for Your Hand to be upon me and upon this life for good, in which I will do what is right and seek You in all things. I do not know how this will manifest for me, but I trust You and commend myself into Your Hands for the best outcome. You know all of my wants, needs and desires, but this is not about my physical wants, it is about starting here in my being right with you and having a relationship with you, in Jesus Name I humbly pray, Amen and Amen.