Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The False Flag


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Facebook is a multi operational platform, not just designed to spy on people, but to instead manipulate their thoughts, by overwhelming the minds of users with too much information, so the mind is more compliant to suggestion.

- Lame Cherry

I had a note yesterday concerning someone asking about all these "false flags" and hoping that Donald Trump was real as they have backed him from the beginning.

This has to be addressed for several reasons, in the first, each of us has cast off from shore in Europe or Asia on the Trump Boat, we are now in the middle of the ocean, in a storm, the sharks are looking to eat us, so perhaps it is the time to not be unnerved and questioning concerning Mr. Trump, as he is the only boat you are in and the only one available, so stop being manipulated by the propaganda and get to shore with a landslide victory, and then start wondering what kind of boat just delivered you across the ocean.......when on one else would.

I have every confidence in Donald Trump, due to the evidence of Reverse Speech. He has been consistent in the David John Oates myriad of posts and he loves Americans and America.

Donald Trump is your only solution, so stop allowing others to put things into your thought processes in trying to make him a problem.

I am going to now take you down a false flag road, because those who use those code words have been conditioned to them, and I will explain how. I will first tell you, that if I chose to write that John Kennedy was not shot in Dallas Texas in November o 1963, but it was all staged event, where a film from a Hollywood back lot was created, with a control movement dummy and cows brain exploding from an internal device, I would have 100% of you questioning November 1963 by the time I was done, because that is the art of the Mockingbird Tavistock propaganda. Create a thought that John Kennedy really faked his own death, went on to lead the Shadow Government and it is he who has been ruling the world ever since.

After John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas, there was unleashed an entire CIA connected operation to fund conspiracy books, conspiracy speakers, to so muddle up people's mind they would not know what to believe, in order to protect those behind it, and in order to taint the word conspiracy, so it would be a tin foil hat charge as this blog is accused of, so the fringe sciences the regime does utilize, will be discounted and laughed at, so the facts will not be believed by the public.

The new buzz words are False Flag, Crisis Actors and Hillary Doubles. The fact is the regime does not need to manufacture false flags, because there are always enough events in crisis, that all an intelligence group is required to do is take a real event, and sow doubts about it........because every event and I mean EVERY EVENT has anomalies in it, which an operative could place doubts into your minds.

John Kennedy's eyes in the limo looked lifeless.....like a mannequin. 

John Kennedy's did not move, and when he did, his movements were puppet like.

Out of hundreds of photos and moving film cameras, only one appeared, and it was just staged enough to create the illusion which was intended.

 To open your understanding, I just gave you facts, and then sowed in an example to your open mind in repeating three things, and now that information is in your thought processes and you have yet to decide if it is real, and you are uncomfortable as you doubt and question, so your adrenaline is agitating you to a quicker thought process of "danger and fear", which cements the propaganda into your brains.
This is done to you a thousand times a day in your television, cell phone and internet. You are overloaded and you grasp for some fringe thing to hold onto, and the next thing you know is you are seeing false flags in every event, instead of the anomalies, and you are doubting the Donald Trump who will save you.
You literally are the cat running back into the burning house, after the fireman rescued you. The Mockingbird Tavistock mind conditioning protocols have accomplished exactly what was intended......and wow by miracle here comes a Kennedy today saying that HW Bush is voting for sick old Hillary.
Doubt in you, feeling isolated by an HW betrayal, and there was nothing false flag about it, but it was a Mentalist suggestion, planted in your mind a realty by the slight of hand.

Have there been false flags? Very few. There are though more misuse of crisis, funding media figures to create doubt, and then the planting of information to make you doubt.

Ask yourself about the crisis actors. Did you ever ask yourself if they were really there? There is not any proven footage of them.........just their being placed after the events speaking talking points, and some astute might notice these people are at the same locations all the time........and even if not noticed, the Mockingbird posts a story about it, to alert you to it, so you agree with it.

The human mind breaks all things down to simple form, so it can process information. Complicated or multi faceted events are ignored and it all renders down to "false flag", "peak oil" and only satan has the list of all the words the MOG's have been sowing into society.

People can say anything, but I always post the facts and what is true. People have to decide though like Pontius Pilate what Truth is. Lying to you would break a trust though and then the words here would not have any value, plus the fact is I detest liars and do not lie.
Even now your minds are processing that paragraph, but your processes have slowed by the amount of information you are dealing with in what is and is not real.

There is a problem in each of you though in you must be aware you have been manipulated by your trusted sources if you are now upset and worried about false flags, so it has you thinking about abandoning Donald Trump......again you are in the middle of the ocean and someone has screwed with your mind enough, that you are thinking about jumping out of the Trump boat. That is not logical, and it is something which each of us has to assess so we are THINKING and not reacting, as reacting is what the group behind this desires you to do, because emotions are in play and they can be manipulated into thoughts to take advantage of you.

So I will settle your minds, John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963. I do that or someone is going to write a book on it funded by Mockingbird and be on Coast to Coast AM on another Kennedy assassination ghoulfest.

False flags are rare, but the use of crisis events in overlaying deceptive propaganda to make you always unsure and questioning information, takes place all the time. Black Lives Matter is a regime operation which really has taken advantage of the well meaning advocacy of some Black leaders and made it this group which adheres to the most off the wall conditioning.

That is what has to be reckoned with in none of your are going to stop overloading yourselves on information, and you are going to be triggered, and be so unsettled that you will doubt yourself and those who are your best chance, as that is what the intention is to make you work for another group's advantage.

For me, I settled this long ago. I am voting for Donald Trump, and do not pay attention nor get wound up by the propaganda as I have my focus point of November 8th. On that foundation, you can then process the other information as 'Hillary is a liar" which is an absolute, so it clears more clutter out.

........and if I had the big donation, I would post Bible stuff and be out building a lake where I would go fishing, as I really do not care about any of this regime stuff, manipulations nor who is going to rule the world. I look to Christ and His Kingdom as where I am going, so reading 500 posts a day on Facebook.....which I am not on as Mark Zuckerberg illegally put my account into limbo, is not something I am wasting time on, as I do not have enough time as all I do is work.