Monday, September 12, 2016

The Hillary Clinton Medical Emergency of Sniper IV's

Hillary Clinton's Sniper Lanes of Secret Service non Protection

 As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the events of 9 11 unfold, there are serious abnormalities in the evacuation of Hillary Clinton from Ground Zero, and violations of protocols which the Secret Service engaged in.

The first is the disturbing emergency exodus from the 9 11 Memorial, where a Secret Service expert states the escape vehicle was not on station, and the teetering Mrs. Clinton was left braced by a cement block. This was compounded as the Clinton Shadow, Dr. Strangemed who is the SS team leader did not have his people in position nor the evac car in position.
Literally Hillary Clinton was exposed on a public street for minutes where any assassin could have gotten at this sick old woman.

According to a former Secret Service agent who reviewed the video, the detail was clearly rushing and did not expect for Clinton to leave at that time. The former agent noted that it is against Secret Service protocol for the protected individual to wait for a car to arrive. In the video, Clinton is leaning against the bollard as a black van pulls up.

It is also very unusual for a detail leader to leave the protected individual's side, as a Secret Service agent, Todd Madison, is seen doing in the video, to open the van's doors. Opening the van is the site agent's job, according to the former agent; the detail leader's proper position is next to Clinton. The agent may have had little choice given the rushed nature of the departure.

What captured my attention most in the video, besides Hillary Clinton looking stiff as a board, joints buckling and her collapse, was the fact that there was absolutely no protection for Mrs. Clinton standing exposed, and the only screening which began, was to shield her from cameras after she fell. It was only then a wall of flesh protected her from public view.

The Lame Cherry is not any fan of Mrs. Clinton, but it reminded me a great deal of Dallas 1963 when a bewildered Secret Service agent was pleading "What the hell are you doing?" when officers stood down.

I am not prepared to yet address this issue, but the fact is the Secret Service appeared to stand down on NYC 9 11 2016.

This was a real emergency, because the reporters covering Mrs. Clinton were simply abandoned and had no idea where she had fled. This is the Dead Pool reporters who cover Mrs. Clinton if she dies.

The incident also raised questions about Clinton's traveling pool of reporters, which she left behind at ground zero when she departed unexpectedly, leaving the press with no knowledge of her whereabouts or condition for about 90 minutes.

As has been noted, Hillary Clinton sock color changed from the collapse to the time she appeared on the street outside of Chelsea Clinton's apartment in a rather bizarre photo opportunity which fooled no one.

What the Lame Cherry focuses on is the second violation of the Secret Service, for whenever any one they are protecting goes flat line, they are to take them to the nearest medical facility, not wheel them over to Chelsea Clinton's apartment.

The question in this is, was there medical assistance deployed to that apartment? Was this medical group coordinated as in prepared for, and does Mrs. Clinton have like emergency medic groups pre stationed for Mrs. Clinton?
It makes absolutely no sense for a woman in Mrs. Clinton's condition to go to her daughter's home, instead of medical care, and she appears for street photos in a few hours. It only makes sense that there was a medical team working at Chelsea's apartment mansion and Mrs. Clinton does not change clothes, but changes socks when she almost dies.

There was more wrong in New York than whatever was wrong with Hillary Clinton. There are questions now why the Obama regime left gaping holes in Hillary Clinton first line and did not respond until it became a media photo of her collapsing.
Reports also indicated that security attempted to confiscate cameras recording this event. The question in this, if it was for the damaging photos of a sick Hillary Clinton or if it was for showing the holes in the Secret Service protection.

Why is the Obama regime violating security protocols when it comes to Hillary Clinton? The question is now with Mrs. Clinton being damaged goods who has lost this election, are there regime forces looking to make a martyr out of Mrs. Clinton for the addition of Vice President Joe Biden as the nominee.

We have all witnessed the numerous attempts upon Donal Trump, but in this diversion no one is noting the gaping holes in Mrs. Clinton's security. Those holes come from the White House.