Monday, September 12, 2016

In a Million Years

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had to splurge on a flash drive for 15 dollars to prevent losing all the Mobi books I have downloaded here the past several years. It was perplexing to see that my entire library on a 15 gigs of drive was 5 megs.

The sum of all the books I deemed worth reading, or keeping, and the sum total is 5 megs with pictures. Granted these are not PDF files, but to know that about all that delighted me is on a little black plastic and metal drive is sad. It is like a life being 70 years and gone like grass and forgotten.

Hans Christians Andersen, Voltaire, German Nursery Tales, Libby Custer all as worthless as burned up in ashes now without a computer and electricity.

I was looking at the free books TL and I have, and those we acquired previously, and we have quite a library. We would need quite a room to contain all the e books too.

If you are one of the rich lovelies, you should probably get several flash drives for videos, pictures, programs and whatever.

I think about things like that, not so often, in all of those big screen televisions, movies on discs, cars and cell phones. One electrical event and they will be worthless as tits on a boar. I wonder in the day how many Mercedes will be traded for a roll of toilet paper.

Oddest thing of all, is when Gutenberg was publishing a few good books, they were worth reading, and when all this publishing started in mass, books were printed which no one reads, and no trees were saved, and now it is only e books where you can find the old books.

In the 1890's, publishers used to print up pocket sized books. Teddy Roosevelt carried books with him often. Now books are all outsized and nothing like my favorite The Wilderness Hunter by TR which would fit in a pocket.
My flash drive will fit in my pocket, but not a great deal of reading on it.

It is comforting to know if something breaks, that I have it all saved, but when the world breaks, I will have it all saved on a drive, which would have someone wondering what kind of fossil this was in a million years.