Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Innocent Officer Betty Shelby

Tulsa Police Department
about a month ago
A great surprise in the course of a work day. The Joneses were victims of a burglary and Officer Shelby had responded to gather information on the crime and take the report. Through information that she received, Officer Shelby was able to locate the stolen property and return it to the Joneses. To thank her, the Joneses surprised Officer Shelby with flowers. Well done, Officer Shelby and thanks to the Joneses for making her day.


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This blog busts the police's balls a great deal, but whenever anyone is being railroaded whether it is LaVoy Finicum or Donald Trump or Officer Betty Shelby of Oklahoma, they will be defended.

Officer Shelby has been charged with first degree manslaughter in the death of Terence Crutcher. We have all heard the reports of "he was shot with his hands up", but reality is quite different than propaganda, and by the evidence Officer Shelby should have never been charged in this incident.

Upon looking into this, I knew something was wrong with the story in reviewing the tactical helicopter surveillance of the situation. When I started hearing commentary about Terrence Crutcher not obeying instructions from the Police, and their beginning to conclude "this was a bad dude and on something", the red flags went off, because this is a high stress situation and from a Police Officer's point of view, they have crossed into a situation where they are now exposed and in danger.

I offer a fine review of this from Bearing Arms, as they have taken the digitals apart in the time line, and it explains everything.

Do not miss the reality that Terence Crutcher's vehicle is in the middle of the road. This signals someone who is under the influence and is abnormal behavior.

In the first picture we see Terence Crutcher away from his vehicle with his hands up, but is walking away from officers.


In the second photo, he is returned to his vehicle, meaning in the Police protocols, he is fleeing them. He also has refused to obey their commands, which would have been stop, get on his knees, and allow himself to be taken into custody.


In the third photo, the Officers have closed on not a Citizen, but now a person of interest, who has taken this situation to a lethal level, by his actions.


It is at this point, that Terence Crutcher drops one hand, to his pocket area, which is not a fiction in this as in LaVoy Finicum, but a reality, because as soon as Crutcher initiates this action, and continues moving in this area of his hand around his pocket, BOTH officers fire, as that is what the self protection protocols of rightful defense are.


There is something missing in the various cases starting with Treyvon Martin attacking an armed George Zimmerman and trying to beat his head onto the pavement to the current Terence Crutcher. For whatever Obama in the White House reasons, Afroids seem to think they have carte blanche in being able to attack people, point guns at people and not obey commands.

Seriously, I am going to address this again. When Homeland visited here, I was compliant, I obeyed their orders and I was not wandering around, mouthing off and challenging them. Law Enforcement has a job and once activated, the Citizen complies or it will escalate every time.

When an Officer tells you to do something, YOU DO IT. Failing to comply means it immediately becomes a situation where you will be arrested.
Starting to argue with an Officer when they decided they will arrest you by what you have done, is not going to change their minds. Once the Poe Lease are activated, you are getting arrested, and your options are now your Lawyer and a Judge.

There are warning signs in this, and one is the Officer has their hand on their weapon. You stop immediately and freeze, only moving your lips in explaining things, because that gun comes out, you have done something to escalate this, whether you meant to or not.

Once those firearms are out, you obey every command, you do not put your hands anywhere near your person, and you wait to be taken into custody, as that is what is following.

This is where I am beginning to think something is happening in the Afroid propaganda, as they seem to be actively committing Blue Suicide in being miserable people, who are looking to serve Obama and cash in on a pay day for their families, as it makes absolutely not any sense from that Giant in Ferguson or Terence Crutcher to be doing all the  things to force Police to higher threat levels.

This is exactly what Terence Ferguson did and it was deliberate. Autopsy results will reveal if Crutcher was hyped up on some designer dope that is filtering into Black communities in order to pin point what is making absolutely no sense in these Afroids not obeying commands and causing these deaths.

Officer Betty Shelby did not kill Terence Crutcher. Terence Crutcher killed Terence Crutcher. That is what the evidence proves beyond any doubt as a Police Officer in America, has every authority and mandate to protect themselves.
These Officers had no idea if this huge man was on drugs and was about to rush them and take their weapons, or if he had a weapon, which he was  baiting them with. That is a threat danger, and when anyone is not obeying any Officer that immediately brings a graduated response.

Officer Shelby, by the above photo has proven she is not a racist as the "white officer" charge is being propagandized. She did her job, and she has every right to protect herself in someone who is threatening and reaching for their pocket if they are in any home in America.
Officer Shelby should never have been charged, and this is just another outrageous lawless episode of the Obama regime where Hillary Clinton commits her crimes and is exonerated, while Police are charged with crimes while doing their job.

Are too many police shooting Americans? Absolutely.  Are all police taught to shoot Americans? Definitely Are there too many police in uniform who have psychological problems and being hired due to flawed psychological profiles? Obviously. That though does not condemn all the other officers doing their job.

Officer Shelby is facing a political lynching in this Obama race era for political leverage. This was a righteous shooting, as proven by both officers firing and by the fact that Terence Crutcher was being aggressive and agitated in not complying with Law Enforcement commands.

That is the reality in this and it is the last thing America needs in more stress on Law Enforcement by this regime, because each of us runs this gauntlet daily, and one of these days it is going to be a cop facing you, who just had a Terence Crutcher assault on them, and you are going to have to deal with it.

America needs to in a Trump Administration to enforce the law fairly, to stop the use of police as revenue agents, to set up new training and new psychological profiles, and to give all Citizens a realization that the Police are there to protect them, not persecute them, and that all of us have to work together for American security.

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