Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Political Garden

Editor's Note: This will be a stand alone parable in enough for your contemplation this day.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What is a Libertarian? They could best be described as what they are not.

A Libertarian can be told by their garden, as all political movements can be seen as gardens.

A Green gardener believes a garden just happens and nature will care for it, because people tilling the soil and making borders is an evil thing. In the end, the brush and trees choke the garden, and the bunnies and fawns eat the garden, and the Green expects to eat your garden.

A Socialist gardener believes a garden is a community event, where other gardeners are forced to plant their garden for them, and then someone else will weed it, water it and hoe it. In the end, their garden grows weeds and is choked out, and the Socialist expects to eat your garden too.

A Libertarian gardener believes a garden should not have borders, protections or care, and that the proven societal orders which produced the garden they inherited, are not valid any more. So the Libertarian casts their seed without rows, expects other to be responsible in spraying bugs in their gardens, and has no barriers to keep foot traffic out. In the end, the other people who do not tend their garden, in their bugs come in and eat the crops, the weeds grow up and choke the crops, and people who believe they have the right to everything, come in and eat what is produced, so the Libertarian expects to eat your garden too.

Whether you call it Conservative, Republican, American, Christian, their garden is one of planning and order. They lay out rows,  They plant on schedules knowing they are not lords of nature. They plan for rabbits and insects eating things. They plan for extra in case deer or sheep appear to devour things. They build fences to secure their garden, and they daily tend that garden in discipline with in weeding and watering.
That garden with laws, and order, and work, produces in deserts, in droughts, in floods, in heat, in cold, in pestilence and in famine, so the Conservative never has to look over his neighbors disasters and be starved to death for their stupidity.

The Republican gardener has enough to share and does, but unfortunately the Christian gardener has their surplus confiscated by the regimes, which have power from Greens, Socialists and Libertarians, who in intellectual Libertarianism, heartfelt Socialism and free will Green, refuse to comply with a gardening order, and for their sins, the Americans who follow the rules are burdened by leftists who are so untrustworthy of their own morality, that they try to pass laws making license and degeneracy legal, lest they be fined and imprisoned.

That is the fact in this, that the Libertarian is a leftist, as is the Socialist is a leftists, as is the Green is a leftist, who expect to live their lives and others who plant in straight rows and tend their gardens to feed them, when their gardens do not produce every year.

That is the lesson in political gardening.