Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Inoperable Condition of Hillary Clinton

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We know for certainty that Hillary Clinton was affected by a blood clot in a vein at the base of her brain, which has caused all sorts of symptoms for years, beyond the concussion which she suffered at the same time.

From the continuous coughing, brain freezes, blood pressure problems, ability to control her body temperature and collapsing, eyes going queer eye, which resemble Parkisons Disease, it is evident that Mrs. Clinton has something in this same region which is manifesting with greater symptoms, especially in the last months of the 2016 campaign.

This can be a blood clot, an aneurysm, a scar tissue or a tumor which is causing this situation, as was first explored on the Lame Cherry, along with the reality of what is in Mrs. Clinton's brain, which is not supposed to be there, is the fact that whatever is inside Mrs. Clinton's brain is not being treated, as it is inoperable.

This is the jigsaw puzzle of the Clinton cover up in this, and her physician's false statements, because in inoperable brain tumors, there are last resort treatments which do not involve surgery. Even with Pituitary tumors which are in the same region, most are a process of entering through the sinus cavity to surgically remove the tumor.
The reason for focusing on this, is there are processes to deal with the types of medical conditions Mrs. Clinton is suffering from, and yet nothing is being done.

In exploring this, Mrs. Clinton could have a spider tumor, which is cancerous and is woven around all the important glands and brain, so that any attempt to remove it, would leave Mrs. Clinton in a terminal or worse condition, as that is the reason one does not perform surgery, is it will leave the person in a worse condition.

Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery | Johns Hopkins Medicine Health ...

Endoscopic pituitary surgery is the most ... special instruments through the scope to remove the tumor. ... is passed through to the back wall of the sinus.

There is a procedure in removing blood clots in vein's in the brain, and although each case is different, it is possible if Mrs. Clinton has a clot in her brain yet, that it would be possible to insert a surgical tube into vein and thread it to the clot and slice it to vacuum it out.

Surgery To Remove Blood Clot In Brain - HealthTap

... and complications: Dr. Nahm on surgery to remove blood clot in brain: ... however a blood clot can form in the veins ... Removal of blood clot would not ...

In this, it falls to the examination of an aneurysm on this vein, which indeed could be inoperable as what could literally be holding it together would be the brain tissue. There is a difference though in arteries and veins. An artery jets out a stream when it springs a leak, and the effect is as a garden hose in cottage cheese. A vein does not produce a jet, but oozes blood.
This was a vein where the blood clot was located, so it should be possible to treat this condition, if this is what Mrs.Clinton is dealing with. It would produce a perhaps a great deal of blood, but it should be possible as in heart surgeries with collapsed arteries to insert an insert which could then expand to be held in place, whereby the aneurysm, would have the pressure taken from it, while a vein collar was placed around it.

Brain aneurysm Complications - Mayo Clinic

Complications that can develop after the ... When an aneurysm rupture results in bleeding in the space ... This may occur from damage to the hypothalamus, ...
 There is one additional conditions to examine, and it was what the Lame Cherry first brought to attention and that is a "brain bruise", not in a concussion type, but which would take this form:

What if Hillary Clinton developed a brain clot, which caused her to fall. In that fall, she suffered a severe concussion. In the human body, the spinal column moves that bone up to the brain, which is the area where Mrs. Clinton is having problems in the brain stem area.
What if during this time, there was an additional brain injury to this area from the concussion, and she developed a brain scar or a brain lesion? 

All of you have witnessed bad scars or have them. They are raised like a pipe fitting. Fortunately most of us never have another injury to that scar tissue, but if it does take place, it compounds and becomes larger, with each additional injury.

Mrs. Clinton has had a number of falls this year, both known and unknown, and in this perhaps is the answer to what is really taking place in Hillary Clinton's brain.

Scar Tissue on Babies Brain - Mamapedia

Scar Tissue on Babies Brain. ... My daughter just found out yesterday her almost 2 year old has scar tissue on his brain. We have no idea where this came from or how ...

What if Mrs. Clinton has scar tissue or lesions in her brain. What if every time she falls or does something else as simple as laying down, grinds that tissue in friction, and her brain being reinjured constantly is swelling in normal response and her condition is compounding.

Now project this to a diagnosis of why Mrs. Clinton has an inoperable condition or a non treatable condition. If this was a blood clot it could be removed. Tumors can be cut out or burned out. An aneurysm is serious, but with Mrs. Clinton's connections this too could be remedied, and being a vein, it is  not as dangerous.
In examination of this, politicians would not be willing to be seen as weak, but with the lap dog press, Mrs. Clinton has fawning for her, this would be the greatest sympathy story in world history, and it would get her elected in guilt. So putting off a treatment is once again not logical, but could be exploited.

Enter now the reality of what if this is Hillary Clinton's brain that is scarred. What if it is increasing in size. The reality is then in this, how do you remove the brain when it is the problem?

That is the impossible in the inoperable condition which Hillary Clinton is it can not be removed, because it is the thing which is regulating balance, blood pressure, temperature, swallowing etc... Remove that and it is toe tag city for Hamrod.

Parkinsons is a wide shroud which covers a degenerative brain as Alzheimer Disease covers dementia. The symptoms are interchangeable as many Mrs. Clinton's symptoms do not quite fit all. The evidence points to a reality that Mrs. Clinton's brain is the problem and that in order to treat it, she would have to have her brain removed in the hypothalamus region and that is an impossibility.

It may be in the strange Hillaryworld, that she might be suffering from a number of the above underlying conditions and they are combining to the collapsing figure we are witnessing.  The logical assessment in this though is that Mrs. Clinton had a brain injury, which developed scar tissue, and in further falls, this has developed a scarring process which there is no treatment for, except perhaps remaining immobile in a coma state.

Hillary Clinton appears to be able to be revived in blood transfusions, providing she rests continuously. Then she is able to perform with coughs as at the DNC function for 55 minutes. The more time lapses though she loses energy quickly, and in the more she moves, the brain injury symptoms not only appear, but are manifesting to greater disabilities.

It does not make any difference what kind of voodoo Mrs. Clinton conjures up for the debate, because America and the world is going to have to deal with this situation as Mrs. Clinton naps until the election in appearing only 4 more times. The world is a place now on the edge too much from the Obama agenda. America simply can not have Hillary Clinton going vegetable after the elections, and  rely on the aged Bill Clinton or a Tim Kaine in waiting, or the turmoil of dealing with a presidential succession, in power fights like this, as Wall Street collapses, nuclear terror ensues and China and Russia become more aggressive.

America no longer has the luxury of ocean security or wars in Pearl Harbor and the mainland safe, because Germany and Japan are weeks away, while in this 15 minute nuclear missile age, America needs a President who is capable of leading.

It is treachery for Hillary Clinton to have stolen the election from a healthy Bernie Sanders and placed America in this dilemma of being uncertain about her health, and after Obama, America has no buffers any longer to deal with issues.

What America has left is best medical conclusions on the symptoms and information available concerning Hillary Clinton. There is something which does not belong in Hillary Clinton's brain and it is inoperable. We know this, because she had a stage 2 cancer tumor on her tongue removed. If there was a treatment to cure Mrs. Clinton, it would have been taken already. She knows exactly as do her platoon of doctors what is wrong with this woman and causing all of these problems.
All of us have to protect ourselves from Mrs. Clinton as only her inner circle know what is causing her serious condition. None of the reasons Mrs. Clinton is collapsing or having wandering eyes, have a solution. That leaves Americans with their only solution to so landslide vote against her, that there can not be any election theft or anything else to endanger us.

It is Hillary Clinton's right to endanger herself in a payment for power. Mrs. Clinton has absolutely no right though to endanger Americans or the world in her medical condition.

What is wrong with Hillary Clinton? It deduces to a brain lesion which is compounded and degrading her life.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.