Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Trump Debate Warning

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump will be President, beyond vote fraud by the Obama Clinton mechanism.

In this, there is the reality that the only thing which could install Hillary Clinton into the White House is a Hail Hillary event, like the infamous Hail Mary pass in football going against all odds.

Logic dictates that it would appear on one of three fronts, as we witnessed the Obama Hail Mary on September 11th in 2012 against Mitt Romney in the attempted hostage taking of Chris Stevens, which Mrs. Clinton oversaw and lied about.

We have already noted State One on Hillary Clinton's 9 11, where the Secret Service appeared to have left openings in her security, as if expecting some event to activate whereby it would be blamed on a Donald Trump supporter for sympathy in attacking an old sick woman.
It is concluded that Mrs. Clinton because ill too soon and threw the time table off on that sympathy event.

It was already inquired over that there appeared to be some Asian event, where Hillary Clinton would rise from her death bed on October 24th to a hostage release, and thereby be given the cover for an e fraud surge to steal the election by another "Truman beats Dewey  Miracle"

The third segment in this is what Joel Skoursen mentioned on the Rense program where the Hillary Press would focus on details no human would know and badger Donald Trump with this to attempt to make him appear uninformed. In the progression of this, the Lame Cherry would conclude that Mrs. Clinton would have an earwig whispering reminders to her, in the questions which were provided her sometime during the DNC convention months ago.

There can always be situations overlooked in the money trolling for dirt on Mr. Trump by David Brock which was a diversion to what was really taking place, but we have all witnessed the 100 Days smearing of Donald Trump by the GOPliters, to know that they realize that Mr. Trump's polling is so strong now that a 15% election flip to steal it for Mrs. Clinton will not work. So therefore a desperate sin and a prayer in staged events are the only cover this group has to steal this election from America and Donald Trump.

Once again by posting these realities it is hoped that the more people who become aware and in prayers and rejection of this type of scheming will undo it, as things predicted here months in advance tend to lose their "act of messiah Obama" miracle status when someone attempts to bring them to fruition.

It is my hope that the next weeks will be a celebration of Americans, surging in joy in going to the polls to landslide Donald Trump to their Presidency, and establish again a Government, by the People, of the People and for the People.

Donald Trump does not need or require advice on any of this, for it is the advice from Day One in let Donald Trump be Donald Trump, and trust in the hand of God upon him as His servant.

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