Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Wetterling Matrix

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is a clinical examination of the matrix and is something which was compiled on October 29th, 2015 AD concerning the disappearance of a Minnesota child named Jacob Wetterling in a cold case file. I place this here as an analysis in attempting to comprehend what the matrix told me, to the admissions of a Minnesotan in court to having murdered this child.

I weighed this almost a year ago in not publishing the data, due to a number of circumstances, in not desiring notoriety and not desiring to upset the family members, as what the matrix states in inquiry is fascinating from Birther Hussein departing on June 13th, 2013 to other situations which have been exposed as in the intrigue of the Boston bombing.

I stand by the information which inquiry points to. It should be noted that much of the information which the matrix produced fits the situation, but in any scientific experiment, there is always a 50 50 chance of anyone being right in a living or dead issue.

Jacob Wetterling Murder

I do not have the time to sift through this in trying to understand overlapping time lines, in perhaps I picked up other situations or perhaps criminal fetish from those involved. It is though placed here as a test case in pondering what is the Truth.
For the family I hope they have closure as they have been burdened by this for decades, and with each new child missing, they certainly must relive the day their child was kidnapped.

Jacob Wetterling is dead.

Murderer buried him. Shallow grave.

Murdered the day he was kidnapped.

Beaten, slapped around. Raped.

Murderer is Minnesotan. Body is in Minnesota. Murderer still alive.

Jacob Wetterling fought. He did not cry. He was strangled in fury.

It was not Daniel James Heinrich.

Jacob Wetterling was the only person this pedophile ever murdered. The murderer is male and has molested other children.

The manhunt for the murderer, warned him off. He went overseas, south Asia and other states to rape children.

Jacob Wetterling is buried on this person's property, in what was a flower garden, roses and other flowers.

Murderer was married. Wife divorced him. This was the wife's flower garden. It is now cemented over. There was a city permit issued for this patio. The murder did the work himself.

Not buried where the roses were, but the marigold and petunias.

Wetterling was not the first abduction of this murderer. Was though first time a firearm was used.

There was not a vehicle involved. He was walked from the site.

*Not clear........walked to a farm, there he was assaulted. Knocked out, placed in container, a barrel, wheeled to vehicle and taken to this murder's home, and put into the garage. Wetterling revived. Was not compliant to being......a "companion".....Wetterling was angry, threatened arrest, and that is what produced the rage.

Buried in the dark. Plants wilted.

No plastic, blankets for covering. Just his clothing.

Murder is 68 years old. Still resides on property.

Older house, nondescript, white, enclosure.