Wednesday, September 21, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I happened upon this article about dealing with woodticks and it so pissed me off with the false information in it, that I was moved to deal with it.

There cure was rose geranium oil.....yeah that and a load of DDT will keep the ticks off of you.

The thing that torqued me off was this article started with saying ticks do not fall or jump from trees. That is bullshit as I have watched ticks litter my brother as he sat under an aging elm.
I also when I was with TL in the metro at the parentals location, was horrified to find southern ticks which jumped and TL had me hauling out a radio that the mother had out in the garden and for some reason a female tick had laid her eggs in it, and there were hundreds of these little bastards crawling all over the place.
.......and of course the parentals had no Raid............ I mean for shit stakes who the fuck does not have bug spray.

Parental does have a John Deere mower that he zooms around on, but mowing does not get rid of ticks in infested areas, and Nom de Deus that was the mother of all tick havens.

In my experience in the American West, I have come across lakes with dead Cottonwood trees from flooding, and the shores were literally alive with ticks. We put in a put in a boat one summer and were on shore for a few minutes and I got 30 large woodticks off my person, as did the others and the dogs.

Ticks seem to do best in old wood, brush, wetter areas, as I suppose it is sort of symbiotic in bears, bunnies and deer are in places like that for habitat, and get bitten, which in turn is the habitat for the ticks to breed.

In all cases whether it is chiggers or ticks, you have to get rid of the old rotting wood, tall weeds, which are the habitat that helps ticks survive. I am a firm believer in pesticides in infested areas. I hope under Mr. Trump that he brings back DDT and that entire south with ever Mexican and Muslim is dosed for lice 10 times over, to stop these blood born diseases by mosquitoes and ticks.

Next is more of a passive thing in guinea fowl and chickens which roam your yard are key ingredients in picking up hosts of insects. I am quite amused at our turkeys in they are holy hell on our grasshopper pestilience as are chickens.
This though is about ticks, and even with a grand pride of numerous cats bring up ticks, we really did not have many this year in our unmowed conditions, and it because the chickens are prowling around.

It is sort of a catch 22 in really hot weather tends to stop the ticks from being in the open. There are exceptions to the rule, but that does tend to repel them. Heat though tends to bring on the chiggers as does the dry, but you get rid of the mosquitoes.

One could probably in a small area in a ring, dusting with diatomaceous earth which pokes holes in the exoskeletons of these pests, but it has to be dry for a few days and not dew for the best laid plans of mice and men.

I dislike it, but I wear rubber boots and light coveralls most days in chores, which is like a fricking sauna. The knee rubber boots do about as great of job as anything for chiggers and ticks. The thing is some years you have tick years and some years you do not........but for God's sake, do not allow your pets to shed ticks that are full of blood or you deserve to get eaten alive. All those damn rodents in mice and rats are live with the deer ticks, so if you want the ticks gone, kill the rodents that are part of the symbiotic relationship.

So the answer is to go scorched earth around your domicile. Daily check your pets, and embark upon a plan to control the pests. I have found that after a good rain, that the bugs tend to schnell for awhile in affording playtime.

We fortunately do not have deer ticks here. I have only located one such tick in all the years here and I killed it. Woodticks are more of a pet thing, although they drop out of the trees when I check on the goats. The mosquitoes are a bitch though in a bad cycle and chiggers if they have a bad year are hell.

As a child we never had most of this shit. Then some no see ums showed up that look like little brown lice in droughts........then in September there are these damned little black and yellow beetles which bite like hell........oh and 10 years ago we had these damned deer fly type greyish bugs here that bit, left a dollar coin size welt about an inch high. went feverish, made you sick and hurt like hell for a week. God keep that shit away, but all this damn human traffick and shit coming from parts unknown around the world, and next thing you know you got problems showing up.

This all can be solved in simply the southern tier of the United States being dusted with DDT, including the hotel rooms and Mexicans. Then simply have the farmers do their thing and in a few years it would alleviate 90% of the problems in America.....and those judges interfering you just throw them into prison along with the nut jobs who whine about "good bugs". America dusted this continent for a generation, and it never hurt the bees or butterflies, but it sure as hell killed those damn blood suckers. So responsibly dust the infested zones, which have birds flying to the north, and it solves the problem.

And as it is not probably legal in most places, except where I live and people ignore all the regulations, if you have the sense to know what to do with fire, that is one ethnic cleanser the old timers used.......but you would probably burn down your house and the neighbors forget about that. Burning has to be at the correct season, or you get a wild the kind that burn ranchers out in Oregon, set by the regime.

As for rose geranium all means use it, as at least you will smell like a geranium when the ticks bite you.