Wednesday, September 21, 2016

American Tragedy: President James Buchanan

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The year 1856 AD in the year of our Lord found America on the edge of national oblivion as European intrigue had pushed America to the brink, and Democrats had thrown out their President in Franklin Pierce, for a candidate of Pennsylvanian birth in James Buchanan.

Pierce was a wounded man in spirit in the death of his children. Buchanan was a wounded soul in the rejection of love by his betrothed and her following death, so he never married as America's only bachelor President.

The compromises of 1850 by Stephen Douglas and of 1854 for railroad profits had placed the broken shards of America together again and then shattered them again. Out of this rose the one hope America had, in the Whigs of the northern financiers and European apologists had been shattered too in the east, and a new party was forming as the American West attempted to save America from the East and the South.

This party which formed was the Grand Old Party, or the Republicans and appeared in the 1856 elections in a political collective of against the Douglas Kansas Nebraska Act, with resistance to the southern domination of American politics in Washington City in an alliance of manufacturers seeking protective tariffs, farmers furious that Southerners had blocked the Homestead Bill and Westerners demanding subsidies for infrastructure to be built. The mortar that sealed the joints of this diverse group was their dislike of slavery which the South was dependent upon.

The Republicans nominated national hero John Charles Fremont and in the tragedy of John Kennedy stealing the election from Richard Nixon, America due to a few votes shorted in Illinois and Pennsylvania lost her savior in President Fremont, and instead was provided President James Buchanan, and what would follow in the tyrant Abraham Lincoln and 500,000 Americans dead in Civil war.

President Buchanan deemed America would be saved if he simply balanced his cabinet with northerners and southerners and applied the law of the Constitution as the Supreme Court hand down decisions. Events though were overtaking him and he was not aware that compromise and law had passed, and revolution was in his midst.

Buchanan trusted in the Supreme Court decision which was correct in being handed down by Chief  Justice Roger Taney in the Dred Scott decision that the Federal Government could not deny Southerners their property rights in slaves in seizing them or not returning them.

The President moved to admit Kansas as a slave state to appease the South, but this infuriated the Republicans and alienated Senator Stephen Douglas, so Kansas was not settled as an issue, but remained a territory.

Into this the radical terrorist, John Brown began his abolitionist liberation of slaves, and this brought together the militant South, expecting the North would soon follow with troops.

President Buchanan answered all of this with "States did not have the legal right to secede, but also that the Federal Government had no power to stop it".
Nothing worked in this from appeasing the south to rebuking the abolitionists. Finally moved to action too late, he sent troops to Fort Sumpter, which were fired upon and withdrawn.
Coercion was the chosen remedy of President Buchanan against the South, but it was too little and too late, and by 1861, a Republican named Abraham Lincoln, who had not appeared on any Southern ballots, was elected as President by a divided Democratic Party and a divided America.

This ends the Presidents of the American Tragedy who gave America the greatest tragedy to date, in an Abraham Lincoln who ignored all State Rights, attempted to turn American Confederates into terrorists and used absolute warfare against them in scorched earth in their having absolutely no rights, as President equally incapable for the job as the three who preceded Mr. Lincoln.

There is history in this for the 21st century America, for after the Neocon line of regimes from Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Birther Hussein Obama, America is now poised for complete economic collapse and a global nuclear war in terrorism and Eurasian powers of Russia and China.

America is of necessity in need of a President Donald Trump, who understands American security, the necessity of an economy and a cooperation with Russia, instead of the Hillary Clinton importation of more terrorist to appease terror donors, more Obama Keynesian managed super depression and war with Russia as an inducement to nuclear warfare to cover up all of these Bush, Obama, Clinton disasters.

Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan were all men who did not comprehend the dire situation Americans were not aware they were in. Compromise would not work, appeasement would not work, nor would coercion, as the financial and political interests had moved this to two competing structures who had milked all the bribes they could from the tragedy and only the greatest tragedy would satisfy them.