Friday, September 23, 2016

Trump Civil Rights

It is time for President Donald Trump to fulfill the Promises and Dreams of Civil Rights
in America

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In the dark days after the assassination of Martin Luther King jr. in 1968 AD in the year of our Lord, there was only one man who stood up and was able to be received by Blacks in speaking of their wound, and Blacks graciously received this White American in Bobby Kennedy, on the eve of the murder of the Civil Rights Leader by forces of intrigue in this world, who framed another American in James Earl Raye for the crime.

In many ways the dark days of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, are much worse upon the Black community and America, than in 1968. For where America had hope in Dr. Martin King, and his murder was one day, America has been suffering through 8 years of mass murder of Blacks in American cities, in Rahm Emanuel's Chicago ghetto to the ghettos of Ferguson Missouri, Baltimore Maryland and Charlotte North Carolina.

And it was not just the 8 years of Obama disappointments, but the 8 years of George W. Bush, the 8 years of Bill Clinton, the 4 years of George H. W. Bush, which Black Americans have witnessed a world where Hollywood portrayed them as hoods and their sports stars were calling each other Nigger.

In this 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, there has been a surprise messenger to the Black community who has stood up for One Flag, One America and One Community in Donald John Trump. He speaks to the dreams of Martin Luther King, and to the realities of Jesse Jackson in saying the violence must stop and Blacks must have the same rights and opportunities to end this cycle of violence.
For many Blacks, this might be a surprise, but in reality, Donald Trump is speaking from the heart and soul of the Republican Party from Abraham Lincoln to Ronald Reagan. This equal protection and opportunity of Blacks is at the heart of every Republican in the masses of the party, but has been quelched by the ruling patricians who talk a Bush line of "those loving colored people" or marrying a colored woman and sending out colored offspring to prove that they want the Big Tent, but when the end of the day appears, Blacks are just as poor, just as much in the ghetto and just as dead. The only difference in the Obama regime is this regime has destroyed hopes so Blacks are acting out in frustration worse, confrontations are involved with police who are being trained to shoot everyone from LaVoy Finnicum to these faceless Blacks which are so many now they are only numbers, and in the end it solves nothing, but plays into the same exploitative political factors who expect Blacks to be herded to vote for Hillary Clinton as they are pimped by bankers for dope and prostitutes, all locked away in the ghettos which are their smouldering graves.

As I type this as a Christian Conservative, I am perplexed that none of the Democrats have stood up to quell this, and the worst of them is Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton simply astounds me in I can not fathom how this woman could be around William Jefferson Clinton for her entire adult life, and all she can come up with is talking like Obama in Black Voice to Black Americans, and not feel the soul of the Black community, which Donald Trump is being accepted into, as he is speaking to their hearts.

William Clinton could enter a Black Church and move them the way Martin King would. He was called their first Black President. He was their friend and confidant, and that is what makes this all the more perplexing as his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, employs Black women, has heard her husband, and there is absolutely no connection between Blacks and Hillary Clinton.
The Emailgate Scandal is but a Clinton epitaph upon Hillary Clinton. Here is a woman who has Huma Abedin tending her as a nurse. She has Cheryl Mills doing the hard work as Mrs. Clinton is sick. Colin Powell is providing Mrs. Clinton advice and Donna Brazille is guiding the Black outreach. But, the first sign of trouble in another Clinton scandal, it is Mrs. Clinton who is blaming all of her trusted Black allies, expecting them to  be lynched, while the white John Podesta and her other important operatives are given cover.

Blacks have one purpose and that is blame in the mind and heart of Hillary Clinton.

As this blog has stated from the beginning, there would be a Blacklash against all Blacks because of Barack Hussein Obama, the foreign birthed poster boy of Black America, who has no semblance or understanding of the Black American experience.
Michelle Obama is the same vacuous genesis of a fiction of Blackness. Her parents were porch possessions of the Chicago establishment, and she was put into Ivy League colleges to rail against how racist it all was, when the fact is none of that fit the Black Experience in America of Dr. Cornell West or Justice Clarence Thomas. It is easy to rail under the protection of the White Establishment as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did, but it is an entirely different matter when you have to rise in a White Affirmative Action world as Mr. West and Mr. Thomas did where real racism and forces are out to destroy you for becoming too large of a voice and not knowing your place on the back porch as the elite do the thinking and talking for the Black American.

There will never be proof until Donald Trump has the inner workings of the regime, but there is too much of a pattern in peaceful areas of America as Wisconsin facing Black Wilding to now Charolette North Carolina, with memories of Treyvon Martin and Chris Dorner, in somehow the Blacks which the Obama regime choose to put the face of Blackness on in America are Blacks beating or shooting other people. It is all a political game of herding Blacks just as Jews are always herded by the code words of persecution to keep them voting in 98% blocks for a Hillary Clinton by their elders.

I am most appreciative of the openness of Blacks to Donald Trump, considering that the neocon elite from both parties have done nothing but betray them, and all Americans. I praise Donald Trump for his outreach to the Black Community and Americans like Don King supporting him, the way Rosie Greer stood up as a spokesman for Ronald Reagan.
There is not an American who is pleased that Black communities have been destroyed. I am not speaking about riots, but I am speaking of Black families preyed on by Planned Parenthood profits in their communities, to the Obama regime importing Muslims and Mexicans to replace Black workers, and the atrocities of what we all know is the oligarch elite keep Blacks around to provide dope, prostitutes and whatever when they go slumming, and are making millions of dollars in profits in their banks laundering this cash, as much as the reprehensible welfare state where the conglomerates dump money into Black communities and force Blacks to buy white bread of their certain lable to exploit the Black to their last penny.
The Black race in America has suffered immensely and it is a testimony of how much character they do have in not disappearing in this genocide, as their leaders in Congress put them to the back of the bus in taking their Civil Rights and handed it over to sexual perverts.

Donald Trump is moving to set things right for Black America as well as all Americans. What a glorious America it would be if America had Tavis Smiley the image of Black America with intellectuals like Dr. Cornell West. Self made men and women, who were rewarded for their labors in advancing all humanity, and not a diatribe of a Kayne West.

None of this is news to Blacks. They know all of this, but are sore about it as the images which are raised up for them, turn out to be manipulations which makes fools out of all Blacks. Seriously, no White looks to Milo, and Blacks feel the same way. Everyone of us wants solutions to our problems and we have been in a nation of a corporate boardroom, where instead of our best interests, we have been exploited no matter the race.

Donald Trump is the American chance as Bobby Kennedy was that voice speaking to heal a nation. 1968 was from oligarch assassination and 2016 is from Obama cronies aborting America.

Think of an America where each city has millionaire Herman Caines making every Black community a shining city on a hill. Think of an America where when we think of the Black image it is Dr. Ben Carson. Think of an America as Dr. King dreamed of, in it was not Black, White, Brown, Red or Yellow, but all American children striving and being rewarded for who they are, and not ever being exploited again. Think of an America where Detroit shines with Trump skyscrapers owned by Blacks. Think of an America where Mississippi has a prosperous peach orchard owned by a Black family. That America benefits all of us, because what Donald Trump will make possible for Blacks, he will make possible for Whites, Reds, Yellows and Browns, as the one thing about prosperity is the color of green and gold is never racist, but that monetary power rewarded to hard working Americans ends racism as the power is in the people, instead of the elites.

President Donald Trump, can make the Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King come true. President Donald Trump can bring the healing that Bobby Kennedy started for America. President Donald Trump can be the heart of the Black community as Bill Clinton was, and President Donald Trump can bring about the fulfillment of the promises which Barack Obama failed America at for his Wall Street benefactors.

President Donald Trump can be for the Black community, all things which Hillary Clinton can never be or do, because Donald Trump does not have to go into mock Black Voice to pretend compassion and understanding on Blacks. Business only knows one result and that is hard work and being honest and that is what Donald Trump is. It is the best of futures for America in the Black community is giving Donald Trump a fair chance to show that he will through hard work and honesty, bring about the America all of us dream about, in being Americans.

For Black Americans, the solution for the past 8 years of the Obama failings, is not more years of Hillary Clinton's plantation and ghetto. It is a Trump Emancipation which is building and every Republican desires this for Blacks, because whether it is economics or Christian concern, having Blacks in the managed misery they are in, distresses all of us.

Let us all make a goal that after 8 years of President Donald Trump, that Blacks who work will be rewarded in making a millionaire Black entrepreneur as common in 2024 as Blacks locked away in prisons are now.
Blacks have always had the soul and the heart. It is time to in rewarding the rebuilding of communities to have Blacks be empowered not by political graft, but by their own bank accounts overflowing with money.

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