Thursday, September 8, 2016

Trump White Paper: Trumpbacks

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As an economist the Lame Cherry enters upon the solution for President Donald Trump to stabilize, resurrect and nurture the United States economy again to full balance and surplus.

The following is a White Paper based upon proven economic policies to save national economies in the United States and Britain, with an added evolution in monetary principle.

Lincoln Greenbacks at full value based against debt at 10% value. As America balances the budget and pays off debt, the AAA rating will rise past 100% value to 200% to 1000% value plus, to even more quickly pay off the debt.

The carriage rate of the Trumpbacks are Treasury bills, non usury, American proprietary and are retired to be converted to Dollars again, so they can not be speculated on, bought or sold, as they are Federal property as the White House.
There will no longer be Federal Reserve or Banking involved in this, in these Sovereign Bonds. These Trumpbacks by Executive Order can never be bastardized to run up national debt as an alternative printing press.
Trumpbacks are for the purpose of a sound US economy and strong Dollar.

Hitler's Economic Miracle the Real Reason for the War

Beginning Around 5hours 30 min: “When Hitler came to power, Germany was hopelessly bankrupt. For years the Allies had demanded crushing reparations, and private currency speculators would now cause the German Mark to plummet.

It was a total destruction of the currency that wiped out savings and businesses, leaving ordinary Germans to starve.

Hitler devised a national credit program that included the construction of new roads, bridges, canals and port facilities. Jews at this point were removed from prominent financial positions and instead of borrowing from the banks, the government issued bills of exchange called Labor Treasury Certificates.

The issuance of currency was backed by the productivity and economic output of Germany's labor force, and it came on the authority - not of some privately owned central bank ­ but that of the National Socialist Government itself.

Germany even succeeded in exporting goods despite the 1933 international Jewish boycott, using a barter system that cut out the banks completely.

As a result Germany ­ despite the worldwide depression ­ became the most powerful state in Europe in only five years.

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told