Thursday, September 8, 2016

Vice Presidential Mike Pence and Twitter Tim

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Seriously, with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine running the Special Politics race for retards, I am thinking that there should be some handicap like for golf, in maybe President Donald Trump needs to stop Hillary and Tim 20 states just to make this a bit more fair.

I ask you to tell me where is Tim Kaine? I am not asking Hillary Clinton as that huge coughing sound which keeps resonating at her events, makes it easy to figure out were to send the EMT's. Tim Kaine though is the person to watch as he was Bill's pick to replace Hillary when she goes tits up.

So where is Tim Kaine? Tim Kaine is on Twitter. Yes the kid who looks like he suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome and is smoking a pack of roaches before breakfast has been dispatched to attack Donald Trump.

The problem is though that Kaine is creepy and looks like the guy in the office who sheds skins flakes all over everything and smells anticeptic, so no one really wants to follow Tim or .......well be associated with him, because Tim Kaine is boring as he looks and just as stupid.

This then is the Hillary and Bill Clinton pick, and their strategy. They have put Tim Kaine onto Twitter, to attack Donald Trump, and Donald Trump will not even reply as he has compassion on the special ed kids, and you just ignore them as they do not matter in the race.

Take that in comparing it to Richard Nixon being Dwight Eisenhower's attack dog. That was monumentally effective, as President's usually find some niche for a Vice President to make them effective........but Tim Kaine seems to be more effective if he would just visit areas where he could shed skin and then some union Mexicans could follow him and Hoover Tim up.

The reason for the focus on this in Tim Kaine and the Clinton's to show how out of touch they are and how ineffective they are, is to compare that to President Donald Trump. We all know that Donald Trump is Mr. Charisma. Donald Trump is the man. Donald Trump is the sparkle on the diamond, the glint on gold, and Melania is the moon and the stars.
Mr. Trump though was convinced by the now vanished Paul Manafort to pick Governor Mike Pence of Indiana. Mr. Pence is.........well like a park statue. He looks nice but you can not expect a great deal out of him, unless you put a plague on his base for people to read.

That is why I offered that Mike Pence would best be sent to eat corndogs at state fairs for the next 3 months, as that at least would give him a purpose to be attacked by Afroid terrorists to make a news story. This though has all changed, as the miracle worker, Donald Trump has turned a lemon into lemon merange pie in Mike Pence.

This all became visible when Mr. Trump, being President, arrived in the Louisiana disaster flood zone and gave America hope, instead of Dame Hillary phoning it in or image Obama setting his record of 300 golf games in being important.

Hidden in this was Mike Pence, because while President Trump was among the people in need of being uplifted, Governor Pence had been dispatched to make a personal call to the Governor of Louisiana, and he spoke for an extended period of time in this conference call, addressing the needs of Louisiana in a Governor to Governor conversation.

In this, we have witnessed the outreach to Black Americans by President Trump and equally to Hispanics, and Women. Behind the scenes though in key areas, Governor Mike Pence has been conducting key outreach to powerful Democrats, who then are in interviews, noting the helpful attention Mr. Trump brought and the one on one which Mr. Pence brought in being able to speak to another Governor facing a situation which was impossible.

Compare now the two in Tim Kaine, tweeting the campaign away, and Mike Pence being effective in gaining the respect of Democrats who actually have to deal with their Citizens in misery, and do not have the girlish luxury of Hillary Clinton getting a new Boeing 757 to take a road trip with the press to Cleveland with........again as people in Louisiana do not have homes, and the entire east coast is dealing with the effects of a hurricane.

President Donald Trump has found the slot for Mike Pence to be most effective at, and Mike Pence has accomplished this successfully for all Americans, Republican and Democrat. I honestly have renewed hope that Mike Pence is not so much a legislative asset for Mr. Trump with Congress, but that Mike Pence's best attribute will be his ability to deal with domestic policies which require that hands on experience.
This is the kind of situations which I post on this blog and no one ever wants to read about. It is the thing that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell never give a damn about, as in Ivanka Trumps championing better family situations in business for parents who are working. This is the situation of floods in Louisiana, and coal miners thrown out of work in West Viriginia. It is the reality that Donald Trump cares deeply about all these American domestic issues, but a President can not be mired in details as Jimmy Carter proved in his absolute failure.

America does not need a Joe Biden sniffing women and children. America does not need an HW Bush plotting Iran Contra behind President Reagan's back. America does not need a Tim Kaine being a rabid animal attacking President Trump on Twitter, while all across America, Americans are suffering from acts of Obama for 8 years and acts of God the past weeks.

Donald Trump has proven he is Presidential in his actions, words and meetings, in going to Mexico to work a deal with the Mexican President, and now Mr. Trump has proven that he can find a way to bring talent out in any one for the benefit of America. In that, Mike Pence has now proven to be Vice Presidential. America now has a President in Donald Trump and Vice President in Mike Pence.

Hillary Clinton has proven that she can ride a wheelchair and cough a great deal, and Tim Kaine has proven that he can not phone it in to Democrats in need as he can not even type it in at Twitter.