Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wise to the Ways of the World

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. 

I realize that without vast historical explanation the following will not make a great deal of sense to the ignorant, but is placed here as an exercise in dealing with impossible situations.

In review of the coup against Richard Nixon, by the political assassins employed against him by communist and Kennedy forces, it is evident that President Nixon was too moral of man, in not reaching down to save himself, and therefore America. The evidence is Richard Nixon was an honest man and not a crook.

Mr. Nixon was let down by other moral men, and men who could not do what needed to be done to neutralize the coup against him, and this was his staff of Ehrlichman, Halderman and Dean.

The solution is simple in a scapegoat should have been created to offset the CIA trolls of Watergate. This would have been the individual who would have been paid 1 million dollars to be the betrayer of the White House and be the dupe of Fidel Castro operatives, as the CIA was utilizing Cubans for Watergate.

The press releases should have focused on the same forces which murdered John F. Kennedy in Castro connected were attempting to bring down another American Administration. This would have caused friction with the lying Soviets and no one would believe a lying communist Castro.

As for the tapes which were the later focus. The President should have been advised to bring back in John Ehrlichman to re record the entire conversation, centering on Ehrlichman constructing that he suspected outside agents manipulating dupes inside the American Government.

As for John Dean, his going yellow to save himself, should have been handled immediately in a cocktail of hallucinigens from MK ULTRA to neutralize Mr. Dean as an insane person whose testimony would not be worth anything. It would not have been that difficult with certain cocktails to have had him dressed in his underwear conducting a press conference, admitting that he was the man in the moon, and if you licked his penis you could taste cheese.

I have the greatest respect for President Richard Nixon, for Bob Halderman and for John Ehrlichman, but they were too honest of men for what was arrayed against them. The President was let down by honest counsel attempting to deal with a coup pit overflowing with communist liars, intent on destroying Richard Nixon to this day, for Mr. Nixon's rooting out of the reds from America.

The entire US press was unleashed on Mr. Nixon by the Mockingbird CIA in one of the worst traitorous operations in US history.

A President requires protection as does the Presidency by their advisers. Mr. Nixon did not have this as he had honest men like himself. America has been betrayed absolutely by the crimes of George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and with Hillary Clinton looking to steal the last US election in history, America is still a naive nation peopled with children, whose good guys play too fair and whose traitors play the children for the dupes they are.

I could have saved Richard Nixon and saved America. It is not that I am a dishonest girl. It is that I follow Christ's teaching in being wise to the ways of the world. 

I could have saved them all.

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