Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Job For Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have thought it over and reconsidered, rehabilitating Ted Cruz.

I realize that most of you will be surprised at this, given Ted Cruz is a backstabbing foreign birthed oligarch whore, but I have just the job for him.

The job is I intend to turn Ted Cruz from an Amanda f*cker to the natural rat f*cker he was born to be, and here is the job.

You read of the job openings of these Republican traitor calling for Donald Trump to step down for the oligarch overthrow of America, well someone has to be the rat f*cker who shows up at 3 AM to drag them out of their beds in their underwear before CNN, CNBC and FOX cameras.......oh and yes Trump Televsion, and I ask you who would be better at this than Ted Cruz?

Seriously, let's have Ted resign, appoint him to........CPS as in Central Police State, and have him sign warrants to arrest all of these traitors, where he can give them a speedy trial and put them in 100 years without parole to some Gitmo thing where they will never be heard from again.

This will  all be a television event. Ted will have his little black and red uniform with a skull and crossbones on the cap, and the lovely Amanda Carpenter will wear her little black uniform with mini skirt to show off her attributes......the camera will be an upshot to show Ted more sinister and so show the world what Ted got on the side.
It will be great television and be something which is necessary to the Trump Administration to rid itself of these oligarch traitors who have been promising us from Issa to Gowdy to arrest Obama or Clinton, and all we get is more attacks on Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump must replace traitors with his loyalists, and I see Ted Cruz as the perfect choice........hell the only person in America who would be more powerful than him would be Donald Trump.

So this all is settled. Ted Cruz gets rewarded to be a sort of nice Heinrich Himmler and Amanda Carpenter gets a job she will be good at, as she can not tweet worth a damn. Let us make this all legal and entertaining.

Let us have Reich President Ted Cruz on the job and if Mike Pence gets out of line, RP Cruz will deal with any Big Koch intrigue there I am sure Ted has lots of grudges to sort out in the money men who betrayed him

I like this:

Reich President Raphael Cruz
Reich President Chief of Staff Amanda Carpenter.........