Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Statute of Trumpitations

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

These continuous smears from the Hillary Clinton followers against Donald Trump for their oligarch dictators is getting to the point of hurting all women who have ever really been sexually assaulted. If it is not the Twat Boys over at National Review promising some incendiary smears against Donald Trump again over sex, it is this ridiculous story from a bottle blonde writing for the Jewish Journal or something, and going by #HollywoodJew, as she collects a bunch of sticky keyboard followers to praise her.......let's face it, if this chick was barely a 6 on the 10 scale on a drunk night, no one would give a damn about what she was harping about.
Fact is give her another 10 years and she will be begging for some pool guy to grab her ass.

The jest or gist of the story is some Jew author was making moves on her in 2014, and he thought it was a green light as she didn't slap him then, and everything was forgotten, but now in order to pedal something for sick old corrupt Hillary Clinton, the Jewess ramped up this bombshell on Friday for the news cycle spin.......problem is of course Huma Abedin the Muslim and Anthony Wiener the Jew, sort of trumped all the smears against Mr. Trump, in 1000 felony charges against Clinton and image Obama is a bit more of a news cycle than., Jew said Jew said.

In a statement published in Ha’aretz, an Israeli liberal daily where Shavit is a senior columnist, he said: “In February 2014 I met Ms. Danielle Berrin in Los Angeles for a conversation. Today I understand, regretfully, that I completely misinterpreted the interaction we had in that meeting.”
Until reading Berrin’s article this week, Shavit wrote, he felt “that we had a friendly meeting, which included elements of courtship.”

Who needs Wonder Woman when there's Hillary Clinton ...

Who needs Wonder Woman when there's Hillary Clinton? by Danielle Berrin. ... Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton campaigns on the campus of Temple ...

The damage which Hillary Clinton and bottle blondes have done to real women, who face real sexual intimidation and sexual assault is as gross as Megyn Kelly perching her old ass for hire at FOX while trying to smear Donald Trump for the Clinton campaign again.

Berrin wrote that she decided to come forward with her story in light of sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump.

Yes where were all of these women when Birther Hussein was assaulting Hillary Clinton in 2008 and then unleashed on Sarah Palin, and only  this blog was warning of the dangers of these political rapes on all women?
They were all silent, because those kinds of rapes in the fold are part of business and power. It is only rape when it can be used against a man or woman who will follow the money trail and throw these traitors all into prison.

  Oct 27
Millions of women & girls worldwide are victims of sexual assault & worse. This is not about any one man; it's a form of systemic oppression

Yes and those millions of women and girls, were aided by the Obama regime, donated money to Obama and Clinton, are now invading Europe and America with Muslim rape cock, and who is making money off of this but Vatican and Jewish charities.

Heard awful sex tape coming out Fri on Trump Check @TheRickWilson @JohnFund with Nat Review

Rick Wilson has been pedaling this for weeks now in promising the smear of all smears. That means as this blog has proven, as James O'Keefe recorded, that the Clinton campaign with the presstitutes are in an organized conspiracy which is criminal. They have been floating this garbage hoping blogs like this one will pick it up and give it traction preparing the way for their smear.

There is one fact in this, in all of these traitors and abusers of all humanity shot their wad weeks ago and blew it. It was mishandled and mismanaged. Americans do not care about normal sexual males, when they are terrified of Hillary Clinton Muslim ass raping them to genocide.

I realize this is very hard  for rich people in the press and the Clinton campaign to comprehend with most of America not being able to afford anything and knowing they are drowning, that when a person is drowning they do not care if it is a cock or a rope being thrown to them........they just grab what they can and pull themselves out.
Americans already know that Obama Clinton threw them out of the boat, and whatever Donald Trump has to save them, they are glad for the offer, and listening to Hillary Clinton on shore screaming, "That rope looks like a cock", is just something desperate people are not going to pay attention to.

The Lame Cherry looks forward to the day that the Trump Administration seizes the machine of Mockingbird with all funding, and removes all of this hate filled propaganda against Americans, and throws these traitors into prison.

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