Saturday, October 29, 2016

Finally an uncomfirmed Virgin to Sacrifice to Hillary the Beast

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is Malia Fischer, the campaign staffer, who had John Podesta's email Gmail account.

According to Smoking Gun, this Smoking Hottie is probably the reason Wikileaks crippled the Clinton campaign, because when alerted to change Podesta's password, she clicked on the phishing email link, instead of the real Google link.

It is obvious by how ugly this girl is, that she was hired for her intellect in genius IQ. It is obvious that John Podesta gave her the keys to the kingdom, because this unattractive female proved how trustworthy she is after years of experience.

Of course, we know if Malia Fischer was ugly as a post, she would not have made these mistakes,  but if she was ugly as a post, she would not be working for John Podesta with access to his private email, as ugly girls get donuts and clean out the toilet, while the pretty girls get hired to act like they are doing something, which usually includes bending at the waist for various lesbians and dirty old men to get a cheap thrill.

It is like Huma Abedin. If she was an ugly old Islamic cow, no one would have ever trusted her. Instead hot Huma was emailing herself all the secrets of the kingdom and husband Anthony was making his own blackmail copies.

Now for the reality of this, the Lame Cherry actually stands up for Malia Fischer, as it is not her problem that she learned to use her hotness to get hired by dirty old Hillary and John. She was exploited and in over her head like all the millennials. This once again falls on one person, John Podesta, who is responsible for the disaster of the Hillary Clinton campaign and strategy. His latest idiocy was to come out ranting at the FBI, giving the new EMAILGATE probe standing. Instead of keeping his mouth shut, he made it center stage.

That though is how John Podesta has let down Hillary Clinton time and again. That idiot Robbie cornholio Mook being allowed to manage, and then the endless Hillary meltdowns. His choice in putting a girl to do a man's job is one more disaster.

It is the epitaph of the Hillary Clinton campaign in it is a bunch of 1990's geezers who hired a bunch of inexperienced young blood who can not connect with the American voter. It goes to say how bad the Clinton operation is, when 5000 year old Bernie Sanders could connect and this bunch could not make a connection if they stuck their fingers into a light socket.