Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Tale of Two Books,!i8E+qTjWwj3BQFwyhEb6w~~/s-l300.jpg

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I was in the thrift store as my treat to get away from the world and was rummaging through the Christian books there as I always do looking for a replacement Bible for the one which I wore out, when I found 3 books.

The first is a 7th Day Adventist bragging history, which I will review and I do all apostate books to save idiots from themselves.

The second was a child's Bible book.

The third was an Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal.

I am puzzled about Christians by these books, as they really sum up what religion is in this world.

The first book by 7th Day Adventist wacko cultists was fixated like the Vatican on their power and all they had done........when Christianity is all Christ and the Holy Ghost, and people are just the conduits.

The second book was a book for 9.95, and it was never read. It is the perfect reflection of what most Christianity is, in we buy books uneasily about Christianity, intending to get religion into them young uns, and in the end, the people who buy it will not do the job, and the parents who are supposed to bring God to the lives of their children, are too busy on the cell phone, the internet or watching television.

The third book has in gold leaf, Anna Schwarz 1929. I assume it meant this was 12 year old Anna Schwarz's Confirmation book from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. I was fascinated by it, as I did not know this volume existed in this form, as it is compact and contains the entire worship service of the German Lutherans.

It has not been used since then most likely, but it was kept on a shelf as the leather covers are bent over. I think about that in this family was from a time when you went to Church every Sunday, no matter if the hogs were out (for some reason every Sunday the first thing I heard at 7 AM while in bed was "the pigs are out" and that is how I began every Sunday chasing pigs before Church.), you went to Church and suffered like hell for 2 hours in heat, lack of oxygen and boredom.
For 87 years this book was in someones home. I will assume Anna Schwarz was 12 when Confirmed, and either just died or the book was passed onto a 60 something child who now died, and the fact is no one cared about this book as there was not any semblance of fear in "I better keep that God book to at least bluff God into thinking I am a good person".

That is what Christianity is for most people now. America has divorced God, replaced Jesus for messiah Obama and is in terror of the High Priestess Hillary, as  they buy religious books expecting others to do it, and figure that buying a religious book to make children suffer through it, is a good bit of evidence on Judgment Day to prove how Godly they were.
Then there are the Christians who once were dragged to Church every Sunday, and somehow they raised up a generation which chose an Obama, and is hiding behind a like that if Nancy Pelosi passes a law making sin legal, then everyone can shove a dick up their ass as law overrides God.

There really is not any need for religion of the parents and grandparents, so just toss their Bibles and Hymnals to the junk after all, if there is a God, they can always say, "Hey God, I donated that book to some poor miscreant, and you better  give me a good seat in Heaven as that is who it works".

Most people are going to get a rude awakening on the day the demons drag them away when they die. Same rude awakening on Judgment Day when all their lies will be rejected by Jesus.

America is suffering from a severe psychosis which has puzzled me constantly, as they are people, who can not rid themselves of their pasts, their parents and their grandparents to the last detail, as the possessions, especially religious bring  them so much discomfort as much as the dishes and pans used to cook holiday meals, can not be gotten rid of fast enough.

Things which are collectors items, in some are worth a few dollars to fifty, are simply not in greed worth dealing with, but instead the greater treasure is to get rid of all of the memories, emotions and associations, especially those connected with God.

I suppose it is the Honor thy father and thy mother, which is the problem, as they never figured out that God says we have to honor, but not love our parents.  I know I could care less about what my dad had, and Mom sold most of it in a catharsis for us both, but I still have a number of things which I am not going to toss out, just because he was an ass, because it is not some Stevens 22 rifle's fault the old man was a pisser, and I am  not going to toss out Jesus, just because the sperm donor was a bastard, as although I did not appreciate years of abuse, God made things right by me as the years passed. It taught me to never be like my dad.

It is just an odd thing in how sociopathic people are, because it is not like people in the 20th century were worse than the sons of bitches who used to throw kids out to the wolves in Russia or the mud folk who sell their little girls and boys to Muslims to rape.
I remember my rich aunt in California, now dying from cancer in her reactions. When Gram died, she stole the antiques from Grampa. When Grampa died she stole everything from my Uncle, to the pots and pans. When my Uncle died, she burned everything which was left.

People react every time to pain in throwing it away in possessions or burning it. Perhaps there is some redemptive quality somewhere  in people yet, in they are not burning religious books or taking pans to the recycle bin, as they are at least not so far gone, but still thinking if they do something good in throwing away their sorrows and someone can make use of them, that at least something good will come from it.

It would be a whole lot better if they actually read those books to their children and cooked something on the holidays in those pans, in building something for themselves and their families, or their children are going to be doing the same thing when they die.

It may be too late to sit a 25 year old on your lap and read a book to them, but 25 year olds will still sit down for some holiday meal where everyone can pretend they had a family once upon a time.