Sunday, October 23, 2016

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When Homeland Security came to interview me, I would it had been a week later, because then they could have seen on the barrel by the house the thing I am really passionate about and that is corn, because the first test ears (well the ones the damn coons did not eat) have appeared, for in those ears are the salvation of America from meteors, EMP, nuclear attacks and globalists.

It all rests in the history written by President Theodore Roosevelt in the Winning of the West, a four volume history not of the Rockies, but what as the West originally in America in the Ohio and Illinois countries, when Indian terrorist with European empires attempted a genocide on the Americans in those regions.

American character is not the old money coastal patricians, but is housed in the French, the Virginia Cavaliers, the Scott, the Irish and the German, with the Scandinavians who followed. That is the American identity.

Housed in the words of TR's history of America is something he recorded in passing, and that is the fact that the first pioneers raised corn. Corn which was planted in the spring in forest fields and returned to in the autumn for harvest. The first wheat was not planted in the Ohio until decades later, as wheat requires tilling and threshing. Corn requires poking holes in the ground and shelling. One requires farming and the other requires being smart enough to pick an ear of corn.

Corn is what is going to save Americans in their survival in a meltdown of society, because it only takes a stick and two ears of corn rubbed on each other to shell the grain. Corn is a crop which protects itself with husks, while cereal grains have birds picking at the grain heads barren.

I am not speaking of hybrid corn, which is designed to not reproduce after the crop, but the corns which Monsanto has been buying rights to, now that German Bayer owns, which are the heirloom crops of America that the Indians survived on, and the heirloom crops which the industrious Americans through breeding refined to feed the world

TL mentioned in satire this week as I had a few ears of flint corn drying on the garage wall, in the rats attacked that immediately, and we have hundreds of acres of Monsanto corn surrounding us.
It is the same with the Arikara White flour corn, in the coons went nuts on that like it was a patch of sweet corn........AFTER it had dried. In fact, raccoons will not eat dried corn, unless of course it is my heirloom corn.

My reason of writing this post is the delight I have felt after my regime was here interviewing me, in God was so good in I had been bestowed 100 kernels of a rare corn by the USDA this year, and it was planted late in the garden to keep it safe.
It was a severe drought in the 50 kernels came up spotty and over a period of weeks. I had to water it to keep it alive, but the first ears started turning brown so I picked them, and to my delight, I smelled the ears, and it smelled like something which does not happen any more, in this corn smelled like fresh sweet corn.

I handed one to Mom and told her to smell it, and she had no idea what I was asking and finally said, "It smells like corn".

Corn that does not make my allergies go nuts in swelling my sinus shut and corn which my body does not shut down eating.

The ears are now drying on the window sill, and more will follow as the largest ears are yet to come, but are still green. This is yellow dent corn and around 100 days. It is a very large eared corn and went gonzo on me in goat fertilizer in the stalks went 8 to 10 a 6 foot corn, as the ears were around 6 feet off the ground, and everything grew too large, but it has such pretty ears.
I have great hope for this corn as it is not all producing ears, some had smut in 3 ears, but it is life giving, in it survived a drought, insects which love eating these heirloom corns, and when all of these all knowing people's best intentions cause the world to melt down, it is this corn which is going to feed the survivors.

All takes time, all takes land, all takes the big donation, all takes crops and seed reserves so it is not starting from scratch. I am though settling on five types, one flour, two yellow dent, and two sweet.

I am still adjusting how absolutely insane wildlife goes over this corn and my attempts at cereal grains in they just devour them like they are on a Monsanto famine, because indeed they are, just like you.

One ear of corn will plant 15 by 30 foot patch. All the corn will not produce, but it is a start, and it is how Oscar Will did it. Corn according to my experince seems to remain more viable (past two years as most corn seed will not sprout beyond that) while it is kept on the cob.

Some corns suck on production, like Mandan Bride, as it will require more work. That is not something you want to find out when you need a crop. Some like Bloody Butcher are quite rewarding in producing a crop in Iowa Ohio south growing situations.

Put it this way in  an acre of corn is not that big if it is all you do. It is more work than swiping a cell phone 5000 times a day. But if you can produce 50 to 90 bushels to an acre, that means a 1/4 acre will produce 10 bushels of corn, which is 10 bushels of flour, and you start adding up production for food when you have to sweat the difference between toiling on the same ground of 10 bushels to 20 bushels.
If a bushel of corn is 60 pounds, then that is 600 pounds of flour....that sounds like that might just feed you and your family. It might get old eating corn, but at least you are going to be alive to bitch about the flavor.

This is survival corn, and it is something that every person should be pissing around in their garden growing around 50 ears a year. Sweet corn boils, grinds and bakes as does flour or dent corn.

It takes almost 3 years to acclimate a crop to a landrace, or a crop which produces best in your conditions. You do not have to plant huge plots, but people should have a few ears of their best corn laying around each year. (If you need to be told beavers, you save your best and largest ears, and kernels to plant, and improve your crop and yeild.)

That is my focus and it should be the focus of an American Government in hundreds of thousands of people being the living resources of corn, potatoes and whatever, to save communities from the ground up, because trusting in FEMA is a genocide sentence as much as Monsanto poison food is now.

My corn smells like corn. I doubt anyone under 30 years old now, has ever smelled corn, tasted corn or knows what corn flakes used to taste like.

Corn is going to be as important as fire, as a weapon, as shelter. Contemplate that.