Friday, October 7, 2016

An Atmospheric Tsunami

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As you should be able to discern by the above map, Matty the hurricane is behaving exactly as I stated it would to this point. What will take over now is a huge weather trough out of Canada which is cold dry air which is an atmospheric tsunami pushing a wave of humidity and dust to the east coast and holding the hurricane in position.
This cold front is moving faster than the hurricane.

Something looks wrong in this hurricane in how it did not follow the expert models  and followed NOAA models which have it doing a loop out in the ocean. It appears like a HAARP ridge to hit GOP states to flip them as the hurricane provided cover for Obama to flip the 2012 election theft.

People have to make up their own minds and probably should have evacuated the coastal areas, as strong winds and monsoon rains are unfun to deal with.

The interior as the western Appalachian side will have storms from that cold trough of air, as you can not mix hot and cold without getting weather. Should be lots of soggy rain and then damp moldy smells next week.

I had expected this to go inland at mid Georgia and not follow the coast, but then I am not HAARP or HAMROD combining to steal 2016.

This atmospheric tsunami should unplug Matty though. Meaning it is going to knock 10 to 20 degrees off the Atlantic and that is what feeds hurricanes moving north. Watch hurricane Nicole though as if she has some muscle she is going to in this slosh pretty much move where she wants to in being pulled north.

With Nicole it will be a matter of who sucks the life out of who Matty or Nicole. Estimate without inquiry is Matty will draw off Nicole

So unless the plan of HAARP HAMROD is to heat the atmosphere to pound Florida in the GOP areas, this should be just a nuisance situation and the season should end as it should of a month ago.

Hillary Clinton is still the most dangerous thing on the planet.

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